Why it's safer and safer to make a fermentation bed

February 05, 2020

Why dry and safer in the production of the fermentation bed? Pigs in the pig bed are produced because of the powerful vitality of the functional microbial strains. It functions under certain circumstances, such as rice bran as carrier, moisture 65 %, but in the course of the operation, for example, the litter does not need to be adjusted with water, but when the functional microorganisms play a role, the moisture content is 65%, and it is better and safer to dry it. What is going on? Here is an example to explain this phenomenon in the case of the Jinbao fermentation bed. The thickness of sawdust in Jinbao's fermentation mattress layer is generally only 50 cm thick, and the water content is 65%. This is the requirement of the Jinbao fermentation bed, and it also requires only the bacterial species. Scatter, do not need to add water, more secure, how does the moisture come from?
First, the source of moisture (1) sawdust itself: if it is fresh sawdust, such as sawdust after processing, such as Chinese fir, eucalyptus, miscellaneous wood, etc., the water content varies greatly depending on the species of the tree, generally estimated by 60%. The oldest dry sawdust is usually at 30% of the dry weight; (2) The fecal excretion of the pig's excreta is also a large part of the daily excrement. The excrement water content is generally about 60%. It can be ignored and the urine is very large. In part, each pig is calculated based on 4 kg of excretion per day. A goldfish fermentation bed of 20 square meters and 15-20 pigs is 60 kg of water. This is a large part of the water source, so no water can be added. (3) Other drinking water residues Of course, feed residues, sometimes caused by artificial feeding, or rain extravasation, of course, must do a good job of sheltering against seepage, which is a very small part.
Secondly, the reason for not adding water is better and safer: because of the above mentioned sources of water, it is not artificially controlled and mastered. If human factors continue to add water, once the water exceeds the requirement (65%), it will become unmanageable and the functional microorganisms will be flooded. Dead, the fermentation bed will lose its effect, and when the water content is lower, the relationship is not significant, because when the water does not meet the requirements, the functional microorganisms can sleep, or fermentation slow, when they meet the requirements, play the best role, deodorant and environmental protection, Improve economic efficiency.
Therefore, it is better and safer to dry the fermentation bed.

The chair side CAD / CAM repair system has obvious advantages in aesthetic effect, operation time, patient participation and operation convenience. Discussion: traditional repair method: after the model is transferred, it will be sent to the technician's room for processing and making the final prosthesis. About one week, the final prosthesis will be tried on, grinded and bonded. The prosthesis was made in the technician's room. The patients need to accept the aesthetic effect of the prosthesis passively without any sense of participation. The implant repair method of chair side CAD / CAM system: obtain computer three-dimensional model by blue light scanning method, design and make personalized abutment and all ceramic restoration on computer, dye, glaze and bond after trial wearing, the whole restoration is made by chair side, patients can directly participate in the restoration design, and feel more involved. Conclusion: in the implant area of the anterior teeth, compared with the traditional implant repair method, the chair side repair system can get more satisfactory results, which is worthy of clinical application and promotion.

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