What are the ways to raise drugs?

April 08, 2021

Drug breeding can effectively prevent the occurrence of rickets and increase the economic benefits of artificial breeding.

1, calcium therapy

Each square meter of farm uses 20 pieces of calcium tablets (finishing powder) and a little amount of glucose powder, and adds the fencing soil to the fries. Each time the pour pot or the clear pond is replaced, it can be used to supplement the nutrition of pregnant and young pupae. Need to promote pregnancy and childbirth.

2, drinking water therapy

Each 500 wolfberry fruit can use oxytetracycline 2 tablets, vitamin B 3 tablets and vitamin B 12 tablets together to research fine, add appropriate amount of cold water to open, put the sponge full of liquid medicine, on the top of the carcass let lice absorbed . Usually administered once or twice a month, each time for 3 consecutive days. It can prevent anorexia and indigestion and various rickets.

3, fasting therapy

Every 1000 medlars can be used with 2 gentamycins and 1 levamisole for cold water, so that the sponges are absorbed and placed on the enamel body for drinking. Gentamicin was used for 3 days and levamisole was used only once. This method can prevent and control lice disease and improve resistance to disease. The newly introduced pods are suitable for the first 3 days and can be fed 3 days later. It is recommended that new broilers can give it a try.

4, food therapy

Every 10 to 15 thousand grams of Tenebrio add 10 slices of food mother, 10 tablets of vitamin C, and 3 tablets of oxytetracycline. They are ground to a fine powder and mixed with a little cornmeal, bean flour and fishmeal (instead of using the full-price chicken feed). After the first meal, Tenebrio was fed once every other week, and the mealworms were fed with medicine and nutritional supplements. Feeding every 10 days or so can effectively prevent the occurrence of various rickets and improve the immune system of quail itself. It is particularly suitable for feeding young crickets of 2 to 3 years old and young fleas at the mating stage.

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