Western-style pickling of vegetables and wild vegetable processing technology

November 04, 2019

Project Name: Western-style pickling of vegetables and processing techniques of wild vegetables I. Technical features Western-style pickles are fast-curing products made from desalted vegetable raw materials, which are processed by desalination, dehydration, pickling, sterilization, etc. , accessories, pickling methods and other aspects are different from the traditional Chinese pickling, because Japan is earlier in the industrial production of such products, the current annual sales volume is extremely high, has become a daily diet necessities, it is also known as Japanese pickles . Due to the selection of high-quality raw materials and a wide variety of seasonings and nutritional additives, the product has a crisp taste and special flavor, and has the advantages of nutrition, hygiene, and convenience. It has changed traditional pickles with high salt, high sugar, and color. Single face. Because of the industrialized production, the product quality control is easy to grasp, the production cycle is short, the investment is small, and the efficiency is high. In recent years, it has developed rapidly in China and has a good market prospect. Especially in some vegetable production bases, it has become a value-added agricultural product and farmers have become rich. One way.
The processing of mountain wild vegetables as a value-added resource in mountainous areas and rural areas has gradually emerged in recent years. Wild vegetables not only have unique taste, but also have the effect of heat elimination and detoxification. Modern medicine has proved that some wild vegetables have a large number of active genes, which can kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses, remove toxins from the human body, and help treat certain diseases. Because of this, with the improvement of living standards, the rise of awareness of healthy diet and dietary health care, the market demand for wild vegetables is increasing. This technology is aimed at the common wild vegetables in northern China and adopts advanced food processing technology to protect green, pickle, package, and sterilize the enzyme to produce green natural foods with excellent quality. The project is suitable for implementation in mountainous areas and rural areas. It not only helps increase the income of farmers, but also helps ensure the quality of products.
Second, investment analysis Western pickles class production capacity of 2 tons, production workshop covers an area of ​​100 square meters, equipment investment of 650,000 yuan. Responsible for a full set of equipment and production technology, product formulations, transfer fee of 50,000 yuan.
The wild vegetable processing project class produces 2 tons, the production workshop covers an area of ​​100 square meters, and the equipment investment is 450,000 yuan. Responsible for selection of production equipment, production processes and product formulations. Transfer fee is 50,000 yuan.

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