Viticulture technology

September 24, 2021

The viticulture techniques mainly include:
1, planting density. In order to increase the output of the second year and increase the planting efficiency, it is advisable to cultivate the fence and increase planting density appropriately. In particular, encrypt the spacing between the plants. Planting 3-4 new shoots per plant in the current year, according to the second year result rate of 90%, each strain can result in 8-12 ear, producing about 2 kg, so that the result can be 1500 kg per acre. A year of planting and two years of high yield.
2, fertilizer and water management. Fertilizer combined with watering. During the growth phase, the spray was sprayed on the leaves. The leaves were sprayed with 1500 times too much fertilizer and potassium fertilizer for 3- or 4 times; the fruit was sprayed with 2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate every 10 days before ripening, and sprayed three times in total to increase fruit sugar content. the amount. After the fruit is harvested, each year, the ditch is planted on the side of the planting ditch, and 5,000 kg of organic manure is applied.
3, plastic trim. When winter cut, you can use medium and short slightly combined pruning. Pay attention to reasonably update the vines, regulate the vegetative growth and the amount of results, and prevent the resulting parts from moving up.
4, flowering management. In general, 1-2 spikes are kept in thick branches, and 1 spike is left in the mean tree branches. The thin and weak branches are used only for regenerating branches, leaving no spikes. And sparse the deputy panicle, remove about 1/4 of the ear tips. Leave 5-6 leaves topping in the inflorescence 1 week before flowering.
5, bagging. Bagging can reduce pests and diseases and increase the value of goods. Because of its yellow-green color, Victoria grapes do not need to be bagged prior to maturation and are sold with bags for better results.

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