Vegetable fertilizer should be based on quick effect

September 27, 2021

In winter, the temperature is low and the ability of microbial activity is weakened. The fertilizers that need to be converted have a slow effect. The growth of vegetables in winter requires sufficient fertilizer. The solution to this contradiction is to chase the available fertilizer.
Nitrogen fertilizer can be used for ammonium bicarbonate. Phosphate fertilizer should use superphosphate as possible. Potassium fertilizer can be used as potassium fertilizer (but potassium sulfate should be used during late growth stage for potato crops such as potato and tomato), and 45% can be used for application of compound fertilizer. Compound fertilizer, farmyard manure available human fecal urine.
This is because, compared with urea, ammonium bicarbonate is an ammonium nitrogen fertilizer, which can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops after application into the soil. Unlike urea, which is affected by low temperature and has a slow fertilizer effect, it affects crop growth. It belongs to ammonium ammonium phosphate, Need to be transformed into ammonium nitrogen in the soil under the effect of urease secreted by urea bacteria can be absorbed by the root system.
Superphosphate contains 14% to 20% of effective phosphorus pentoxide (80% to 95% of which are soluble in water). It is a water-soluble, quick-acting phosphate fertilizer. Its fertility is faster than that of calcium, magnesium and phosphate fertilizers.

Tof LiDAR Sensor

Tof(Time-of-flight), is JRT new product, which is a single-point LiDAR sensor. With a micro size of 46x17x7mm, customers can widely use in many Laser Measurement Solutions. The lidar distance sensor can measure 12m short-range. It's great for Unmanned Aerial Systems.Contact Us Now for data sheet.

Product Name Tof LiDAR Sensor
Model Number IT02S-65-A/IT02S-65-B/IT03M-650
Measuring Range (without Reflection) 0.1-12m/0.1-10m/0.1-15m(90% reflectivity)
Place of Origin China
Accuracy 2cm~4cm/5cm
Blind Area 10cm
Resolution 1cm
Measuring Unit centimetre
Laser Class Class II, red
Laser Type 650nm, <1mW
Communication Interface UART, 115200bps(default)
Size 46*17*7mm/50*26*13mm
Weight About 4g/10g
Voltage 2.7V~+3.6V
Electrical Level TTL/CMOS
High Frequency 100hz
Operating Temperature 0-40 ℃ (32-104 ℉ )
Storage Temperature -25~60 ℃ (-13~140 ℉)

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