Vegetable cultivation type

June 18, 2019

To grow vegetables in order to achieve high yields, high quality, and high profitability, scientific cultivation methods and production techniques must be adopted. The commonly used efficient cultivation types of vegetables can be divided into two major categories: one is skill and the other is technology. The two complement each other. Skills include techniques and techniques applied to techniques. Only when they are combined with each other, can they achieve higher returns. Soilless cultivation. This is a method of adding nutrient solution to cultivate plants in river sand. Using this method to cultivate vegetables has the advantages of high yield, fewer diseases and insect pests, good quality, short growth cycle, low cost, and no pollution. After the market for the same variety of vegetables (off-season) will be available for listing, in order to seek higher economic returns. Back-season cultivation. Avoid the rush of vegetables (normal cultivation season in the natural environment and market peak season), adopt advanced management techniques (such as greenhouses, increase lighting, increase ground temperature, etc.), artificially grow vegetables in suitable regulations, and make them Listed in the absence of the season to obtain higher economic benefits. Soften cultivation. In other words, the natural environment of vegetables is changed. When it grows to a certain degree, it is placed in semi-dark surroundings (covered with colored film, shade nets, and other coverings), or it is moved into the room when it is about to mature. The cellar is medium, destroying the formation of chlorophyll, making its texture soft and brittle, and having better flavor. Wall cultivation. This is a planting method that makes full use of the effective area to develop vegetable production. The practice is: use bricks to build two single walls, spacing of about 30 centimeters, a certain distance from the reinforcement with a good lap, so as to avoid wall fracture caused by expansion (other materials can also be used for the outer frame); inner pad plastic film (by A certain percentage of holes will be planted in the vegetable seedlings, fill in the soil, and regular watering and fertilization can be performed after the plantlets are planted. This method is suitable for leafy vegetables and vine vegetables. Column cultivation. This is a planting method that uses three-dimensional space and saves land. The method of operation is: first use the agricultural plastic film or other rigid plastic rolls to make cylindrical long bags (bag height 1.5-2, diameter 18-25 cm), the inner matrix, and then hang the bag on the wall or beam Peripheral spiral column holes (2.5-4 cm in diameter) were planted in the wells. This method is suitable for relatively short vegetables. Promote cultivation. This is a kind of cultivation technology with better economic benefits. Such as using early maturing varieties, covering the film, using biochemical technology, etc., to promote the early maturity of vegetables, so that it will be listed in advance, so as to obtain better results.

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