Use and maintenance of double seed concentrator

October 18, 2019

The 5XF-1.3A Duplex Seed Concentrator is widely adaptable. It can select seeds such as wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, beans, canola, pasture, and green manure by changing the sieve and adjusting the air volume. The machine has high requirements for use and maintenance. A slight oversight will affect the quality of the seed selection. The main points of use and maintenance of this machine are as follows:
1. The best selection machine is best to work indoors. The location where the machine is parked should be flat and solid, and the location of the parking should be convenient for dust removal.
2. If the conditions are limited, you must work outside. You should find a shelter and place the machine downwind to reduce the influence of the wind on the selection effect. When the wind speed is greater than 3, wind barriers should be considered.
3. When changing the product, be sure to remove the remaining seeds in the machine and keep the machine running for 5 to 10 minutes. At the same time, adjust the front and rear volume adjustment knobs several times to eliminate the excess in the front, middle, rear chamber and deposition chamber. After confirming that no seed particles and impurities have flowed out from several storage chambers, the machine can be stopped, and the seeds and impurities on the upper screen surface can be cleaned to the discharge tank, and then the upper screen surface can be removed and cleaned. Sieve down.
4. Before every work, check whether the fastening screws of each part are loose, whether the rotation is flexible, whether there is abnormal sound, and whether the tension of the transmission tape is appropriate.
5. Lubricate the lubrication points.
6. Cleaning and inspection should be performed after each operation, and troubles should be eliminated in time.

Seed dressing agent 

TIS-363 is a product specially for seed dressing.

The Seed Coating Polymer have the following advantage:

1. mitigate lose from disease and pests 

2. extend the growing season of the seed 

3. mitgate risk associated with environment changes 

4. Bright the color and less dust 

seed dressing adjuvant

Seed Coating Adjuvant

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