To improve the temperature of tomato cultivation over winter

October 18, 2019

Tomato is a thermophilic vegetable. The optimum temperature for root growth is 22°C. When the local temperature is 8°C, the roots stop growing. When the temperature is lower than 6°C, the roots begin to rot. When growing tomatoes in winter, there are four ways to increase ground temperature:
Sun ditch and soil combined with site preparation, to do a 1 meter wide ridge, ridge height of 10 to 15 centimeters, in the first half of planting, according to a small row spacing 45 cm ditching soil, this will not only help soil disinfection, but also make the soil Absorb enough heat to achieve warming.
Increase organic fertilization in combination with deep plowing (depth 30 cm), applying 5,000 kg of decomposed organic fertilizer per 667 m2, increase the aggregate structure of the soil, and increase soil heat absorption.
Covering the film and increasing the humidity and humidity of the tomato after planting, covering with a plastic film is not only conducive to warming, but also can prevent moisture evaporation in the greenhouse, excessive moisture in the greenhouse, and reduce the occurrence of diseases. The specific approach is: Select a 90 cm wide plastic film, fold the plastic film, pass through the middle of the ridge, cover the seedlings after planting, cut a hole in contact with the seedlings, and then drop the film.
Changing the drainage of the canal to the draining of the tomatoes after the planting of the tomatoes, it is necessary to pour the permeated water once. To reduce the temperature, the traditional canal irrigation should be changed to the drainage of the tubes. Since the groundwater temperature is generally at 12°C, the water temperature drops rapidly after the drainage is circulated. When the pipe is drained, the water flow is fast and the temperature is small.

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