Three kinds of animal medicine processing

October 09, 2019

Timely harvesting and scientific and reasonable processing are the key to improving the quality of animal medicines. The processing methods for the three animal medicines are now described as follows for reference by farmers.
The earth element will wash the living earth element and put it in salt water (10 grams of salt per kilogram of soil element) for 40 minutes. When the abdomen is removed, lay it on the straw mat and gently press it out of the abdomen with water, dry it, or dry it.
Mink (a) Put the blisters into the pot and pour the boiled water into it. It is advisable to use 3 to 4 centimeters of blisters. About 20 minutes, remove the scalded blisters, wash, and place them in a clean place.
(b) The mink was buried in lime and buried for about 20 minutes. The mink was poisoned and died. Then dried or dried, sieved to lime powder is finished. The finished product after the blister processing is preferably in the form of a natural flat spindle, a slightly raised back, a flat ventral surface, a brittle and easily breakable, and a gel-like and shiny section.
Whole 蝎 (1) Salty 蝎 蝎 蝎: Before processing, put the scorpions collected in the plastic pots filled with cold water and gently agitate them with a tool to wash away dirt from the scorpions and allow them to spit out dirt from the body slowly. After several rinses, remove and drain. According to the standard of 150 grams of salt and 150 grams of water per 500 grams of live oysters, dissolve the salt in the pot, and then put it in the pot, soak it for 4 to 6 hours and then remove it. Bring the salt water to boil, remove the foam, pour the dumplings out, press with a bamboo mat or straw mat, so that the salt water flows over the dumplings, boil for 20 minutes, if you find that the end of the carcass is put up with your fingers , rigid, and with a ditch on the back, you can fish it out. The cooked medlar was spread on the straw mat and dried in a ventilated place. Avoid exposure to sunlight.
(2) Light sorghum: Before processing, put the scorpion into clean water, wash it, remove it, and put it in boiling water for 20 minutes. Add 20 to 30 grams of salt per 500 grams of live quail.

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