The trend of pig breeding technology in ecological fermentation bed

November 27, 2021

At present, people are paying more and more attention to health and health, and the requirements for food quality and the quality of pork are constantly increasing. Therefore, China urgently needs to develop ecological breeding techniques. Jiangsu is one of the major provinces in China for the production of pork. With the vigorous promotion and application of pig breeding technology in Jiangsu ecological fermentation bed, Jinbao dry-sweeping fermentation bed pig breeding technology represented by Jiangsu Fermentation Bed is moving toward “green farming and ecology”. "Farming" the forefront!
China is the world’s largest pig-rearing country and pork-consuming country. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the pressure faced by the pig industry is also increasing. The promotion of ecological fermentation bed culture technology in the pig industry is an important part of the construction of a new socialist countryside in China. It fully embodies the purposes of social harmony, environmental friendliness and social prosperity. In a nutshell, pig-breeding technology in fermentation beds is based on microbiological and ecological principles. It uses a uniquely active complex microbiota to continuously and steadily convert waste urine of pigs into gas, useful substances and energy to achieve complete degradation of excreta and urine. The pollution-free and zero-emission goal of a new environment-friendly breeding model that fundamentally distinguishes itself from traditional farming methods is a change in the sustainable development of China's aquaculture industry. It is the trend of the times and the desire of the people. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend for the current sustainable development of the pig industry to solve the environmental problems in the pig industry and improve the quality of pork.
Eco-fermentation beds for raising pigs, especially the dry-sweeping fermentation bed pigs represented by Jinbao, have been promoted and applied throughout the country. They have functions such as deodorization, environmental protection, energy saving, grain saving, water saving, labor saving, and long-term disease resistance. Effectively solve the current problems encountered by the pig industry. However, as with any new thing, “the woods are big, what birds have,” and the development is fast, it is inevitable that “radish will not wash the mud soon”, the industry supervision is imposing, the company’s self-discipline is ineffective, and a large number of people who are quick to gain instant benefits make the force, few see Forgiveness to the destructiveness of Lei has caused a chaos in this emerging industry. Such as discomfort, inflated propaganda, counterfeiting, and infringement, and so on. It is hoped that the user must carefully select the fermentation bed products and guard against counterfeiting. Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website:

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