The Misunderstanding of Jujube Management

January 14, 2020

First, only the winter shear, but ignore the summer pipe jujube tree shear can adjust the tree vigor, improve the internal ventilation and light conditions of the crown, help to concentrate nutrients, improve the jujube fruit quality in the following year. "The winter cuts a long tree and the summer tube is strong." The main measures of the summer tube: Except for sprouting, picking up the heart, pulling the branches, removing the dense branches and backing the upper branches. Some juvenile farmers do not pay attention to the summer tube, or the summer tube is not timely, resulting in a large number of jujube fall off, when serious impact on the current year production.

Second, only focus on the ground management, while ignoring the underground management Some jujube farmers do not fertilize or symbolically fertilize and water the jujube trees for many years. In this way, despite the well-organized management of the above-ground parts, due to the lack of nutrients in the subsurface, the trees will also be extremely debilitated and the number of jujube fruits produced will be reduced and the quality will be deteriorating.

Third, only the application of chemical fertilizers, while ignoring the application of organic fertilizer long-term use of chemical fertilizers will result in soil compaction, soil pH value increased, the fruit sugar content decreased, quality, loss of the original flavor. The application of organic fertilizer can promote soil microbial activity, improve soil structure, increase the utilization of nutrients, and lay a good foundation for the production of pollution-free fruits.

Fourth, only attention to pre-harvest management, while ignoring post-harvest management Dates before harvest, jujube farmers often manage jujube trees, but after harvest, most jujube farmers abandoned the management of the jujube garden. This approach is inappropriate. Because the jujube harvested consumes a lot of nutrients, the tree is extremely weak, and at this time it is necessary to accumulate nutrients to prepare for the high yield in the following year.

Fifth, only pay attention to insecticide, do not pay attention to disease prevention Some jujube farmers believe that spraying the jujube tree, as long as the control of live insects on the line, this idea is not appropriate. Because the main diseases of jujube trees such as date rust, fruit shrinkage are equally harmful to jujube, so management should be done as much as possible.

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