Ten inaccuracies in the safe use of biogas

November 28, 2019

1. The inlet and outlet of the biogas digester must not be opened. It must be stamped to prevent people and animals from falling into the pool and causing casualties.
2. When using the biogas stove, it is not allowed to leave the person to prevent the flame from being blown off by the wind or leaked by the water, oil and porridge to cause biogas leakage, causing indoor air pollution, fire, and damage to the human body.
3. After the skylight cover of the biogas tank is opened, it is forbidden to lighten fire or smoke around the mouth of the pool. It is forbidden to use an open flame.
4. Do not use a biogas stove without a pressure gauge. Always observe and observe changes in the water column of the pressure gauge. When you find that the pressure is too high, immediately use gas and let go of air to prevent the accident.
5. When biogas is used, it is not allowed to ignite after the gas has been opened first, but firstly ignite the firelighter and then turn the switch. First, turn on the small fire. After the ignition, turn it all on again to prevent the biogas from escaping too much, burn to the body or cause Fire.
6, biogas stoves are not allowed to close to gas pipelines, wires and flammable products to prevent fire. In the event of a fire, the biogas switch should be turned off immediately to cut off the air supply.
7. It is forbidden to ignite the test gas on the digester gas duct and the discharge port of the biogas tank so as to avoid causing flashback and destroy the tank; it is not allowed to check the joints and switches of the gas pipeline with an open flame to prevent fire.
8. Do not use without inspection. Before using the biogas digester, tightly fasten the joints of the gas pipelines and check the joints with soapy water for leaks. After confirming that there is no air leakage, you can put them into normal use.
9. It is forbidden to add water by random feeding. When adding water, open the air release switch and add it slowly so as not to damage the digester. It is forbidden to use biogas stoves during daily intake and discharge, and it is forbidden to approach the biogas digester.
10. Do not leave the pool without safety precautions. Under the overhaul of the pool, be sure to make safety protection measures. Open the movable top cover first, remove the floating material and slag liquid above, and fully vent all three inlets, outlets, and active cover openings, and leave open for ten hours to eliminate residual biogas in the pool. Before going to the lower pool for animal experiments to prove that the pool is really safe, the pool can work; the lower pool staff to fasten the seat belt, the pool must have special care, the pool staff is slightly uncomfortable, the nursing staff should immediately pull it out of the pool, to Rest in the shade and ventilation.

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