Teach you healthy and delicious snacks

July 13, 2021

>>No. 1: Pork pine.

Select clean lean pork with ribs and skin, cut into 1-2 inch long pieces, add water to boil, and remove floating foam. Cook until the sixty-seven mature, add appropriate amount of soy sauce, rice wine, sugar, salt, onion, ginger, etc., simmer till the juice is thick and make the meat dry crisp. After removing the pan, remove the onion and ginger, wrap the meat with a clean gauze and put it on the washboard, push gently to make the meat fiber split open, then turn it into a floss, then put the pot on the bonfire, take the oil pan, put the floss Add MSG and stir well and cool and serve.

>>No.2: Fish is loose.

Cut the fish, put it in the dish after washing, add salt, rice wine, onion, ginger, steamed out of the cage. Gently remove the onion, ginger, fish skin, fish bones, fish bones, drain water. Crushed into a hot pot, slightly lubricated with oil, add appropriate amount of monosodium glutamate, salt, soy sauce, sugar, etc., repeatedly stir fry with slow fire, golden yellow, dry smell, hand pinch can loosen, start loose and serve.

>>No.3: Dried sweet potatoes.

Raw sweet potatoes washed, cut open, steamed on the pot. After a little cool, peel and cut into thick strips, put it under the sun for several days, and then turn it over for a while. The length of drying time can be determined according to your preferences. When you are hard, you have a long time and soft time is short.



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