Swine Crayfish Technology

November 26, 2019

The opening width of the water around the Tongkou condition should be more than 1.5 meters. You can set up anti-escape facilities around the site. If you have conditions, you can build several mud louses in the pond. Do not connect two loach to the pool loach. The mud loach should be about 4/5 of the pool length, 1 meter wide and above the water surface. 10 cm. The depth of water is preferably 0.5 to 1.2 meters, and it is better to be at the middle depth. There are shallows around. Place roots, bamboo tubes, etc. at the bottom of the pool.

Disinfect the shrimp seedlings into the pond before clearing ponds, clear the pool bottom sludge and flat bottom. Disinfect thoroughly with lime or bleach.

Fertilize the grass and apply 75-100 kg of fermented organic fertilizer per acre before releasing the seedlings, so that the water has a certain degree of fatness. Plant and stock aquatic plants such as Vallisneria, Hydrilla verticillata, Water Hyacinth, Water Lotus and Water Peanut. Aquatic plants account for 30% to 60% of the pond area.

Seed rearing during the peak season of lobster breeding in autumn, about 10 kilos of broodstock per acre, or 15,000 larvae (about 3 cm in length) per acre from April to May, and another 50-100 acre per acre The white flower scales have 30 to 50 tails. The shrimp and shrimp should be disinfected before stocking.

The feed can be directly fed to adult shrimps, such as rice bran, bean cakes, bran and minced fish, snail meat, silkworm cocoons, clams, slaughterhouse leftovers or compound feeds, to keep feed protein content at about 25%. Feeding amount is 4% to 10% of shrimp body weight. From June to September, it will be fed 2 or 3 times a day. The time will be between 5% and 8% of the shrimp's body weight between 9 and 10 o'clock in the morning and before and after sunset. The rest of the day will be fed once a day before and after sunset. Feeding, daily feeding is 1% to 3% of shrimp body weight.

The regulation of water quality maintains the dissolved oxygen content in the pool water above 5 mg/l, the pH value is 7-85, and the transparency is about 40 cm. Every 15 to 20 days for 1 water, each time changing the water 1/2; every 20 days spill 1 lime water, each time with about 10 kg of lime per acre. The water depth is about 1 meter. During the high temperature season, the water level of the crayfish can be deeper during the winter. During the breeding period, the water level remained relatively stable.

Matters needing attention (1) strict clear pond in addition to wild. (2) planting plants. Aquatic area accounts for more than 1/3 of Tangkou area. (3) Put enough seeds. In order to achieve the expected output, breeding pond mouth should be enough to breed. The best way to increase the quality and survival rate of Crayfish is to use broodstock. (4) feed enough feed. Crawfish crayfish have the habit of killing each other, so the feed must be invested. Feed feeding should follow the principles of "Four Sets, Four Looks" and "Two Fine, Middle Green."

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