Smart fertilizer to prevent cracking of sweet potato

June 18, 2019

After the “summer heat,” the roots of sweet potato entered the peak of the expansion, and cracks began to appear on the ridge surface of the sweet potato. At this time, the anti-sweet potato cracking fertilizer was applied at one time to meet the needs of the root tuber for nutrients, and the sweetness of the tuber was increased and the yield increased by 20%— 30%. The top-down anti-crack fertilizers should be subtle and do a good job of 3 varieties of time, methods. One is to select good fertilizer varieties generally 4-5 tons of urea, 10 kg of superphosphate (leaching solution), add 250-300 kg of water, and 750 kg of decomposed thin human and animal waste, and add 750 kg of water in the late evening. The second is to choose a good time should go to the field by looking at cracks, see leaf color, see the variety, and then determine the top dressing time. When the cracks on the ridge surface of the sweet potato begin to fade and the leaf color fades, the top dressing can be carried out. Early-maturing varieties were early top-dressing and late-maturing varieties were top-dressing. Generally, the top dressing time of summer sweet potato is “after the summer heat treatment” and before the “white dew”; the autumn sweet potato is suitable after the “white dew” and before the “equinox”. The third is to choose a good method to choose cloudy or sunny evening. Fertilizer should be fully mixed, and according to the weather and dry and wet conditions of the soil to prepare a good concentration of fertilizer, sunny days dry should be more thin, Tianyin wetting should be thicker. It is necessary to chase ridges and ridges one by one along the cracks to make them uniform and avoid leakage. While applying cracking fertilizer, 100 kg of plant ash is applied to the sweet potato leaf surface to supplement potassium, which can also increase the application effect of cracking fertilizer. Excerpted from China Agricultural Press>

tattoo kit : Every future professional tattoo artist has to start somewhere, and many choose to purchase Tattoo Kits

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What Are Tattoo Kits?

If you're serious about learning how to create your own tattoos or considering opening your own shop some day,

sooner or later you're going to find yourself looking at tattoo kits. Tattoo kits are packaged collections of the

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What Is Included a Kit?

There are hundreds of tattoo kits on the market. Each manufacturer has its own idea of what should go into a particular level kit, so one company's professional tattoo kit may be the equivalent of another company's intermediate set. Do your research before purchasing.

Beginner Kits

In the typical beginner's tattoo kit expect to find:

One Tattoo Machine, although the quality of the unit varies with kit pricing
Variable power supply unit to operate the tattoo machine (Make sure a foot operation switch and clip cord are included.)
A set of inks and caps
Disposable tubing
Sterile Tattoo Needles
Antiseptic wash (brands vary, but Green Soap is popular)
Flash art
How-to booklet
Practice "skin"

Company catalog for ordering further supplies
Intermediate Kits
An intermediate tattoo kit will usually contain the typical items found in a beginner's kit with a few variations:
Two tattoo machines, one for lining and one for shading
A larger supply of needles and tubing
A larger selection of inks
Caps plus a holder
Stencil paper for transferring tattoo designs to skin

Antiseptic supplies, plus various bandages, gauze, gloves, etc.
Aftercare kit
Professional Kits

Professional tattoo kits will contain many of the same items found in the intermediate kits, but will usually come

with a larger supply of everything.The biggest difference you will see with the professional kits is the inclusion of an

 autoclave with sterilization pouches and an ultrasonic unit. Both of these items are indispensable for sterilizing all

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