Six Reasons for Slow Growth of Piglets

November 08, 2019

Weaning irrational farmer pigs have adopted a weaning method once more, and they are listed immediately after weaning. This has caused the pigs to have a mother-centered, co-habited, stable and comfortable living conditions suddenly changed, and it is difficult to adjust to increase weight. The number of sucklings should be gradually reduced from 5 days to 6 days before weaning until it is completely weaned. This method is very beneficial to the growth of the pig.
Feeding was not timely. The pigs did not fill the feed in time during the lactation phase. They could not eat well after weaning and there was no milk supplement, causing slow growth and development to stop. In general, feed should be started at the 7th day of the sow, so that when the sow's lactation level drops, it can be officially filled to compensate for the lack of sow's lactation.
Feed and rearing methods are not reasonable. After weaning, the pigs can not only eat breast milk, and the quality of the feed is also very poor. The feeding water has less feed and the number of feeds per day is also reduced from 6 to 8 times before weaning, and it is reduced to 3 daily. Second, the drastic changes in these conditions hinder the normal development of the pigs. Therefore, when buying pigs, it is necessary to inquire about the seller's feeding and management of the pigs in detail, so that the quality and quantity of feeds will gradually transition, the fine green forage will gradually transition, and the number of feeds will gradually transition from more to less.
The environmental conditions have changed so much that the pigs were co-occupied with their mothers before they were weaned. After weaning, usually a pig in a circle, within the sub-pig milk short time can not adapt to this lonely life, especially in winter, cold weather, eat well sleep well, prone to various diseases and even death.
Extensive management Currently, farmer pigs are usually pigs and laps. Some pigs eat, sleep, and excrete at the same place. They are not cleaned and washers, causing environmental pollution and poor sanitation. Especially in winter, they are easily caused. A series of diseases such as colds and diarrhea in pigs seriously affect the health of pigs and are extremely detrimental to growth.
Vaccination, castration at the wrong time pig farmers to buy more to market, disease prevention and castration at the same time to buy. In this way, the three unfavorable factors of weaning, epidemic prevention and castration were all added to the piglets, so that the piglets could not recover in a long time, which seriously affected the normal growth and development of the pigs. The pigs grew slowly and formed stiff pigs. Caused undue losses. Small boars that are not normally kept can be castrated at 20 days of age and gilts can be aged from 30 days to 40 days. In order to prevent certain infectious diseases, swine fever vaccine can be injected before 30 days of age. Denmark vaccines can be carried out at 3 months of age.

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