Several measures for saving fuel in farm machinery

June 18, 2019

1. Prepare for the work before the work The agricultural mechanized production requires careful organization work. Regardless of the tractor that is operated collectively or individually, it must be prepared before the work. Good preparation can effectively reduce tractor idle and engine idling, improve time utilization, and reduce oil consumption. The preparation work should be: (1) Formulate a small operation plan, usually ten days as a small segment, determine the driving route according to the service targets, operation items and land plots, avoid relocating the car, and try to achieve the shift maintenance, refueling, and shifts. To the field." (2) Debugging equipment. Comprehensive inspection of the state of equipment, according to agricultural technical requirements and mechanical and technical requirements for installation and adjustment. For example, the entire line spacing of the regulator, the number of markers, etc., and the field operation test will exclude the hidden dangers before the operation. (3) View plots and roads, depending on the specific conditions of soil quality, lyricism, and ground temperature, determine the time and method of operation, do a good job of contiguous land planning, rational zone, and reduce ground turning. If necessary, clear the field barriers and also repair the roads. (4) Prepare enough oil and materials. The main, oil, and consumables (such as fans, light bulbs, etc.) needed for the operation should be prepared as early as possible, and the seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides should also be provided. 2. Reasonable use of farm implements The rational use of agricultural implements is one of the important aspects of reducing fuel consumption. (1) Reasonable grouping should be carried out in parallel with the operation of multiple farm implements under possible conditions. The scope of work of agricultural implements should be increased as much as possible, and duplex operations should be adopted as much as possible. For example, cultivated land is planted at the same time, sowing, cultivating at the same time fertilizing, cultivating deep and loose. Reach a reasonable grouping and give full play to the mechanical efficiency. (2) It should be used properly. To minimize the number of tractors into the ground, seize the locust operation, strictly in accordance with agricultural farming technical requirements to ensure the quality of operations. The old farming system should also be reformed to meet the requirements of mechanized operations, such as the promotion of corn without cultivator. (3) To operate correctly. The start of the tractor, driving, parking, flameout, and steering, speed change during driving; brake, fuel and other operations are all directly related to the fuel consumption. To keep the starting device in good condition and stop for a long time, turn off the engine in time. To save fuel, you should also select the proper gear and throttle operation. When light load, apply high-grade small throttle. Take Dongfanghong 802 tractor as an example. The four-speed small throttle saves about 20% more than a large throttle and keeps the engine at normal water temperature. Working under oil temperatures can also save fuel. Experiments have proved that under the same conditions, the water temperature is 8090 degrees Celsius minimum fuel consumption, water temperature 60 degrees Celsius fuel consumption increased by 3% to 4%, water temperature 30 degrees Celsius fuel consumption increased by 25%. The high oil temperature will deteriorate the oil and shorten the service life. To change the bad habit of banging the throttle before the flame is turned off in the traffic, slam the throttle, and the engine is not well set on fire, increasing part wear and fuel consumption. In addition, you have to close the throttle when turning the land. 3. Maintaining the state of agricultural machinery technology The state of tractors and agricultural implements has a very close relationship with the technical state and fuel consumption. This is the basic work of fuel economy. At present, a considerable number of drivers in the entire county are unfamiliar with agricultural machinery technology, resulting in poor machine performance. Insufficient engine cylinder compression force, poor injector spray, incorrect fuel injection angle, air filter plugging, and poor lubrication all increase fuel consumption. For example, the injection angle is 3-4 degrees ahead of schedule, fuel consumption is increased by 1.5%-2%, the gears in clutches, gearboxes, central transmissions, and reducers of tractor transmissions have poor bearing coordination and poor lubrication. The transmission efficiency is reduced, the power of the engine is largely lost in the transmission, and the fuel consumption is increased. The technical status of the walking device is not good, and it has a great impact on fuel consumption. The test shows that if the tire pressure is 20% lower than the regulations, the fuel consumption will increase by about 10%. The good condition of farm implements also has an impact on fuel consumption. For example, if the blade of the plough blade (defined as 0.51.0mnl) becomes blunt, the traction resistance of the plough will increase by 20%-30%. To reduce fuel consumption, it is necessary to ensure correct adjustment of the farm implement's traction line, smooth surface of working parts, and sharp edges. It is necessary to ensure that the implement drive is effective and reliable, with flexible rotation, good lubrication, and timely elimination of plugging. People often don't care if the tractor leaks oil, but this is a loophole that cannot be ignored. Dongfenghong 802 tractor's oil return pipe, past the junction box installed, each class can save more than 1kg more than 2kgo, 200 jobs a year, can save more than 200 kS. Now, tractors generally leak oil. There are 5-6 less tractors, and more than a dozen of them. It is imperative to carry out the plugging and leakage of tractors. 4, according to the provisions of maintenance of agricultural machinery maintenance of agricultural machinery focus on doing the following things: (1) maintain a good air filter, diesel filter, oil filter. (2) Replace lubricants on schedule. Late change of oil changes the quality of the oil and increases the wear of the parts; premature oil change results in wasted oil. (3) Refuel according to the specified oil level. The oil level in the sump is too high and the oil dripping into the combustion chamber can cause burning oil. Excessive oil levels in other locations can accelerate the damage of the seal and cause leakage. The vent hole of the crankcase can keep the negative pressure of the crankcase and prevent oil leakage. At the same time, water vapor and oil vapor can be discharged to avoid contaminating the engine oil. (4) Reasonable use of cleaning oil, according to the degree of contamination of the parts, in sequence cleaning. For example, first wash the diesel filter, wash the air filter filter, and finally wash the oil filter. In the repair room, washing with the parts tank car wash can save the cleaning oil. 5, equipment to be modified (1) diesel to temperature. After the engine combustion system has been technically modified, the diesel fuel is warmed through the exhaust pipe before entering the fuel pump: the temperature of the diesel is increased after heating, the atomization is improved, the diesel fuel is fully burned, and both the fuel economy and the engine are improved. power. The modified tractor can save about 5% of fuel. One Dongfanghong-802 tractor has a power of more than 500kg a year. (2) Refit oil filter. In many vehicles, the wire oil filter was converted into a sawdust paper filter, a cotton filter, and a toilet paper filter to improve the filtration performance and extend the use of the oil. But pay attention to the modified filter element, the oil resistance should not exceed 0.5kS/cm2. (3) Install a fuel-saving smoke reducer. The fuel-saving smoke reducer has a simple structure, is easy to install, and is easy to maintain. If a large and medium-sized tractor consumes 5 000 kg of diesel per year and installs a fuel-saving smoke reducer, it can save 250 kilograms a year according to the 5% oil-saving plan. The fuel-saving effect is considerable. The maximum fuel saving rate is 15.6%, and the minimum is 1.4%. 6, do a good job of oil purification oil purification is not only an important measure of energy saving, but also to reduce machine tool failure, reduce machine wear, improve the tractor "three rates" and extend the useful life of the tractor is of great significance. Do a good job of oil purification should be done: closed, filtered, sedimentation, cleaning, oil discharge and buffer unloading, float oil, metering method of fueling. Conditional oil points and larger-scale farming teams and agricultural machinery specialists shall establish fuel purification devices according to their respective conditions so that the oil purification can meet the qualified requirements. For the above six fuel-saving measures, if the agricultural service stations, farm machinery specialists, and vehicle groups can draw attention from each other, and can do what is required, the fuel-saving effect will be considerable, thus promoting the development of agricultural mechanization.

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