Sand Sugar Orange August Diseases and Pest Control Points

October 08, 2019

August is the summer shoot growth period of Shatangju to the autumn shoots. The focus of pest control is as follows:
Rust (Rust): July-August is a critical period for prevention and treatment. Generally, it should be sprayed and controlled once in the middle and early July, and once again in the early August. It will be determined according to the pest situation in the middle and late August. The agent is 24% of Wanling agent 800 times or 20% of Haofeng EC 1,000 times. Irrigation can alleviate the harm in drought.
Red wax scorpion: The second prevention and treatment can be carried out 15-20 days after the nymph hatching peak in early July. The pharmaceutical use 10% quick-acting emulsifiable concentrate 250 times or 480 g/liter Ino-emulsifiable concentrate (chlorpyrifos) 800 times, 40% speed Emulsion 1000 times cull, if you miss the appropriate period of control, you can increase the appropriate use of the concentration of young pupa and female adult lice have a good preventive effect.
Leaf leaf moths: The summer and autumn shoots in July-September are the most severe. During the period of prevention and treatment, spraying is usually started at the tip of 5-6 cm and sprayed once every 7 days. Available agents: 24% Wan Ling Shui agent 800 times or 2.5% Wan Liwang 1000 times plus 4.5% Lu Fu EC 1000 times, spray 2-3 times.
Blast worms: continue to control the adult larvae that are late in the hole and use a 30% Nurvain EC or 40% dimethoate and 80% dichlorvos 5-10 times to smear the damaged bark to kill the larvae.
Tianniu: Artificially killing overwintering larvae and pupae and catching adults at noon on sunny days. Prevent Tian Long out of laying eggs. Scrape eggs and larvae at the base of the trunk. It can also be used to poison the larvae with 30% fern fortress or 80% dichlorvos and 40% dimethoate 5 times.
Canker disease: The diseased plant was burned in time. Prevention of ulcer disease must keep the shoot. Therefore, it is necessary to spray three times or more (combined with the control of leaf miner) at the start of the new shoot to the new shoot. Sprinkle the first dose when a new rice grows and spray it once a week. Doing so can have a multiplier effect. The fruit trees were mainly fruit-protected, and they were sprayed once every day for 10 days, 32 days, and 55 days for 2500 times of 0.01% Tianfengsu EC. Drugs to prevent ulcer disease can be used: 6000 units/ml of agricultural streptomycin plus 1% alcohol, 77% can kill WP 300 times. The drug used for treatment can be selected: 700 times Keteite, and the prevention rate is 90%.
Foot rot: The diseased plant was found. The roots of the diseased plant were split open. After the rotted cortex and the discolored xylem were scraped with a knife that had been sterilized with alcohol, a disease-free tissue was scratched and cleaned with alcohol. , Coated with 1:1: 100 Bordeaux mixture or copper sulfate 30-50 times or 64% Tian Liang WP 200 times or 25% Reuteromyces wettable powder 400 times, replace the original old soil after the application, and change the buried Loose sandy loam and promote new roots. In the flowering period, young fruit stage and fruit enlargement period, 0.01% Tianfengsu 2500-3000 times solution can be added at the same time when the insecticidal fungicide is sprayed, which can achieve flower protection and fruit protection, reduce fruit drop, cracked fruit, malformed fruit, and improve fruits. The role of quality.

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