Rabbit: Rabbit feeding three to three do not

October 27, 2021

The nutrients in the rabbit diets to be fed are: crude protein, crude fiber, 10% each, fat 5%, dietary energy per kilogram, digestion energy 2,800 kcal, and amino acid 10%. If unconditional fed compound feed, soy, soy cakes, bran, corn and other concentrate feeds and carrots and other juicy feed should be properly added.
To feed heavy night feed rabbits have a stronger night feeding, night feed intake can account for more than 75% of the day's feed intake. Therefore, rabbits should be given enough feed and water at night.
To gradually feed a feed often feeding a rabbit, rabbits have a strong adaptability, if the sudden replacement of feed, can easily lead to rabbit gastrointestinal diseases.
Do not feed silage silage acidity, will affect the growth and reproduction of rabbit cecum microorganisms, resulting in reduced cellulase, affecting the normal digestion of rabbits. At the same time, silage is susceptible to mildew and metamorphism. Rabbits can easily cause toxic diarrhea and even death.
Uninterrupted Forage The rabbit's cecum has many microorganisms that secrete cellulase enzymes and has a strong ability to break down crude fibers. However, when the feed enters the rabbit's gastrointestinal tract, the residence time is shorter, so don't interrupt the feeding of forage grass so as to prevent food pack build-up and block the cecum. Rabbits feed 0.5kg to 1kg of hay every day.
Do not feed enough to feed rabbits regularly quantitative, adult rabbits fed 4 times a day, young rabbits fed 4 times to 6 times a day, each time to feed 78% full, not too much feeding too much or fed too full to prevent Rabbit diarrhea, bloating.

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