Rabbit autumn management techniques

June 18, 2019

In the autumn, the weather gradually turns cold, the air gradually becomes dry from the wet, the feed is adequate, and the environment is suitable. It is a prime time for breeding rabbits. According to the author's practice of raising rabbits for many years, talk about how to raise rabbits in the autumn. First, the integration of species of rabbits As the saying goes: Seed is selected annually, the output is high. Raising a rabbit is the same. The key to raising a rabbit is to have an excellent breed of rabbits. Breeding of rabbits is the basis for the development of breeding rabbits and the expansion of reproduction. A rational rabbit population has a great influence on the rabbit's growth and development, reproductive performance, and economic efficiency. Therefore, in the autumn, we must come to the basic breed of rabbits. After a major reorganization, the rabbits with strong fertility, neat descendants, and fast growth rate will continue to be used for breeding purposes. The female rabbits with poor sexual desire and low ability to breed will be eliminated by eliminating the female rabbits that are frail and sick, have low birth rates, and represent poor performance afterwards. Eliminate old female rabbits and male rabbits. The well-behaved young male and female rabbits should be reserved for breeding purposes. The ratio of male to female must be at least 1:8. In breeding rabbits, there must be at least 2 male rabbits and less than 8 female rabbits. The male-female ratio should be maintained at 1:4. The age structure of the rabbit population is: 7 to 12 months old rabbits account for about 25% to 35%, 1 to 2 year olds about 35% to 50%, and 2 to 3 year old rabbits about 25% - 30%, this will maintain the strong fertility of the rabbit population. Second, increase nutrition, strengthen the cultivation just over the summer, rabbits generally have poor appetite, malnutrition, inadequacy, weak constitution, plus the positive value of rabbits in the fall, they need to be supplemented with sulphur amino acids, so we have to Create a good rabbit production environment, adjust the rabbit feed formula, increase the crude protein content, increase the feed containing high protein content, feed more green and juicy, good palatability forage. 3. Artificially supplemented light gradually turns from the long daylight in summer to the short sunshine in autumn, which results in a decrease in reproductive hormone secretion of rabbits, which results in weakening of the ovary activity of female rabbits, and the fact that breeding females do not have estrus and infertility. Therefore, artificial supplementation is necessary. Light, daily lighting time should reach 14-16 hours. Fourth, pay close attention to the female rabbit breeding autumn temperature is reduced, the male rabbit's libido gradually recovered, male semen quality and sperm motility improved; breeding females although the estrus is not obvious, but after all, can heat, able to normal ovulation Therefore, we should seize the opportunity to breed female rabbits, and we must master the farming system when we are mating: pink early, dark purple late, old red is the time. In order to increase the conception rate, the mating method can be repeated or double mating. Repeated breeding refers to the use of a female rabbit to breed a female rabbit. In order to increase the fertility rate, the female rabbits must be used once in the same species 6-8 hours after breeding. The previous breeding acted as stimulatory ovulation and was counted as the second official breeding. Double breeding is to use two kinds of male rabbits to breed the same species of female rabbits, use a species of male rabbits to breed, and then use another species of male rabbit to breed. This method is used for commercial rabbit growth and breeding. Rabbits should not be used. 5. Touching the tires in time, and timely supplementing the female rabbits 12 days after mating, timely touching the tires. The method of touching the tires is touching the ears of the female rabbits and the collar skins with the left hand, and the female rabbits are fixed on the ground or on the desktop. The rabbit's head is facing the chest of the person touching the fetus. The right hand is in an inverted figure eight and placed under the abdomen of the female rabbit. From the back to the front, the embryo is rounded and elastic. The feces ball is hard and inflexible. . For empty pregnant female rabbits who are not pregnant, they must make up for it in time. Sixth, do a good job of insect repellent In the autumn before catching lice, to give rabbits to drive off the body parasites, deworming can reduce feed waste. Deworming can be abamectin or albendazole. I believe that the use of avermectin better, because avermectin can drive off the body parasites. Seventh, do a good job in the prevention and treatment of rabbit disease in autumn prevention to prevent, treatment supplement. In autumn, it is necessary to prevent epidemic prevention once for rabbits to prevent rabbits, Pasteurella, and Clostridium welchii. According to the author's experience in raising rabbits for many years, the use of vaccines should be as far as possible: single seedlings should be used as single seedlings, and double seedlings should not be used as triple seedlings. Eight, with enough foraging overwintering Forage is a harvest season in autumn, rabbits rich in roughage, therefore, the autumn should seize the opportunity to provide enough overwintering hay, crop straw, various leaves, etc., while preventing forage grass mold deterioration.

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