Pepper processing technology

January 12, 2021

Red chili sauce: Ingredients: 10 kilograms of red pepper, 1.5 kilograms of salt, 30 grams of pepper, and 50 grams of aniseed. Processing: The peppers are first washed, dried, and then the spices are crushed. The peppers are sealed into the cylinder and are ready for use after 7 days.

Pickled red pepper: Ingredients: 10 kg of red hot pepper, 2 kg of salt, 500 g of white sugar, and 100 g of cooking wine. Processing: Wash the pepper, remove it quickly in boiling water for 5 seconds, drain the water, pour it into a large basin after drying, add salt, mix the sugar, and put it into the jar after 24 hours of marinating. Drizzle into cooking wine and seal it. After about 60 days Serve. Condition: crisp, tender, tasteful, can be table, but also seasoning.

Douban Hot Sauce: Ingredients: 10kg fresh pepper, 10kg bean paste, 500g salt. Processing: Wash the peppers, remove the handles, chop them, stir in the jar with salt and bean paste. Turn once a day. Serve after about 15 days. Condition: fresh and delicious.

Spiced peppers: Ingredients: 10 kilograms of pepper, 1 kilogram of salt, and 100 grams of allspice. Processing: Wash the peppers and dry them into half-dried portions. Add seasonings and mix well. Seal in the cylinder and serve 15 days later.

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