Occurrence and Control of Chinese Cabbage Heart Disease

October 18, 2019

In 2006, a large area of ​​Chinese cabbage heartburn occurred in Funan County of Tangshan City, causing a backlog of cabbage sales. As the cabbage planting period approaches, the author combines relevant data and practical experience to introduce the symptoms, causes, and prevention methods of the disease as follows:

First, the symptoms Symptoms Chinese cabbage heartburn disease occurs more often in the rosette period. The symptoms are obvious after the ball bearing and reach the most serious degree during storage. After the onset of disease, the top edge of the Chinese cabbage leaf curled outwards, and the leaf margin gradually dried and yellowed. With the expansion of the lesion, the upper part of the leaf blade also gradually became dry and yellow. It was dry paper-like, and the diseased leaves and robust leaves were clearly distinguished. The diseased leaves are mainly concentrated in the middle of the leaf ball, and most of the leaves of the seriously diseased plants are yellow, which seriously affects the quality of Chinese cabbage.

Second, the cause of the disease The disease is a physiological disease, mostly caused by heavy planting, drought, excessive application of ammonium sulfate fertilizer in vegetable fields. Heavy hydrazine, drought, and large amounts of ammonium sulfate are all likely to make water-soluble calcium in the soil lack, which will cause the decrease of manganese content in the soil, resulting in the occurrence of heartburn.

Third, prevention and control methods after the onset of disease prevention and control results are not very good. When selecting plots, choose plots that have not been planted with cruciferous vegetables within 2-3 years to avoid replanting. Fertilization should be based on basal fertilizer, supplemented by topdressing, organic fertilizer application, and appropriate chemical fertilizer application. Avoid over-application of nitrogen fertilizer, especially ammonium sulfate and nitrogen fertilizer should reduce the amount, increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, promote the balanced absorption of various nutrient elements in Chinese cabbage, improve disease prevention and disease resistance. Ensure moisture supply during growth and increase the content of water-soluble manganese in the soil, especially at the seedling stage and rosette stage, and timely watering to keep the soil moist and prevent drought. In the cabbage seedling stage and rosette stage, 0.7% manganese sulfate solution was used for foliar dressing, each time 50 liters per acre, a total of 2-3 times, to meet the needs of Chinese cabbage for manganese.

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