Neglected nutritious food

January 12, 2021


The bean curd residue contains a lot of calcium, and 100 grams of bean curd residue contains 100 mg of calcium, almost equal to the calcium content of milk. Calcium in bean curd residue has the characteristics of being easily absorbed and utilized by the body, and is the most inexpensive and most easily available calcium supplement. In addition, the cellulose in the bean curd residue can also absorb the sugar in the food, reduce the absorption of glucose in the intestinal wall, and reduce the burden on the pancreas. Therefore, eating soybean curd residue can prevent and assist in the treatment of diabetes. In recent years, scientists from the United States, Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands have discovered that bean curd contains more anti-cancer saponins and often eats rubbish residue, which can greatly reduce breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, and large intestine cancer. The risk of disease.

pork skin

Rich in collagen protein. According to studies, collagen protein combined with water has important significance in maintaining cell morphology and tissue plasticity. It can prevent dry and dehydrated skin and delay cell aging, thus playing a role in skin care and beauty. Therefore, pork skin is the best food for people's anti-aging skin care.


Fish eyes are rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). This natural material can enhance the brain's memory and thinking ability, and it will be of great help in preventing memory loss, cholesterol increase, high blood pressure and other diseases.

Fish scales

Nutritionists found that fish scales contain more lecithin, many kinds of unsaturated fatty acids, and also contain a variety of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus content, and are special health products. It enhances people's memory, delays the aging of brain cells, reduces the deposition of cholesterol in blood vessel walls, and promotes blood circulation.


When many people eat oranges, after peeling the orange peel, they also have to pull the orange flesh on the outside of the orange flaps. Actually, Orange contains a vitamin called "Luding" which can maintain the normal elasticity and density of human blood vessels, reduce the brittleness and permeability of blood vessel walls, prevent cerebral hemorrhage in hypertensive patients and retinal hemorrhage in diabetics. . For those who have a tendency to have bleeding, especially those with arteriosclerosis, it is more beneficial to use orange juice.

Pepper leaf

Pepper leaves are rich in calcium, carotene, vitamins, etc. They are sweet, sweet, and have a good taste. They can be used alone or with meat and soup. Eat pepper leaves can play a cold warm stomach, Liver eyesight, weight loss beauty. In addition, the amount of pepper leaves can also promote the secretion of gastric juice, increase appetite, suitable for stomach weakness, indigestion, flatulence, Wei Han stomach pain.

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