Mushroom picking notes

April 06, 2021

First, master the best harvest period. Harvest at 7 or 8 points when mature. Mature signs, the membrane has been broken, the cap has not yet fully developed, there is still a little in the roll, the formation of "copper edge", the pleats have all been elongated. The shiitake mushrooms harvested at the right time have bright color, strong flavor, thick caps, soft and tough meat, and high commodity value. After expired harvest, the mushroom umbrella was fully developed. The meat was thin, the legs were long, and the pleats were discolored. At this time, its weight was reduced and the value of the commodity was low. Second, pay attention to picking technology. When picking the mushroom, the left hand picks up the fungus stick, and the right hand uses the thumb and index finger to pinch the base of the mushroom shank, rotate it left and right, and unscrew it. Do not allow the mushrooms to remain on the fungus tube, and affect the future fruiting. If the mushroom grows densely and the base is deep, use a small sharp knife to dig up from the base of the mushroom foot, and be careful to keep the flower shape intact. Third, the weather. The harvesting of mushrooms also requires different measures to be carried out in batches according to changes in temperature and climate. When the temperature is low, shiitake mushrooms grow slowly, and the harvesting period can be appropriately extended. In case of rainy days, it is better to pick the tender mushrooms in advance rather than picking up mushrooms. Fourth, with a suitable container. Harvested fresh mushrooms should be packed in small baskets or small baskets, and they should be handled with care to maintain the integrity of the entities and prevent them from crushing each other. This does not affect the quality. The fresh mushrooms that are harvested should be separated according to the size of the mushroom body and the blossoming quality, and they should not be mixed together. Then, they should be loaded in different containers for processing. 5. Stop water spraying before mining. Some farmers have sprayed water before harvesting to increase the weight, which seriously affects the quality. If water is sprayed prior to harvesting, the water content of the mushroom body is high, and when the fresh mushroom is processed, the pleats become brown. When the dehydration is dried, the pleats become dark and the body of the mushroom is too high in moisture to be moldy. Therefore, no water can be sprayed before harvesting to allow the mushroom body to retain its original moisture.


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