Mid-Autumn Silkworm High Yield Technology

June 18, 2019

Mid-Autumn Silkworm is a first-stage silkworm that breeds more, yields more, and has better quality. In the middle of the autumn period, the temperature is high, and the quality of mulberry leaves is poor, so silkworms are prone to disease and pesticide poisoning. In order to ensure the stable production and high yield of mid-autumn silkworms, we must do a good job; "a consumer, early morning, three defenses" work. "A consumer": disinfection. Before sericulture (silkworm species to the first 7 days), an environmental, silkworm, silkworm disinfection was performed. (1) Environmental disinfection. Remove weeds, litter, and sludge around the silkworm room, leaf storage room, and upper chamber, and disinfect with disinfectant. (2) Jamsil disinfection; do sweep, second wash, three blows, four brushes, five consumer. The swept away is to remove dead silkworm carcasses, silkworm excrement, dust, etc. that have adhered to the silkworm room, walls, and the ground. The second wash is to clean the interior doors and windows of the silkworm, and rinse the walls with water. Three scratches mean the muddy ground in the silkworm room and the corridor to scrape off a layer of topsoil sludge and replace it with new soil. The four brushes mean that the washed silkworm room is plastered once with lime slurry when it is washed. Wuxiao is the use of physical and chemical methods to kill pathogens. Liquid disinfection can be used "402", Tetraling, bleaching powder, gas disinfection can be "928", or silkworm disease net and other aerosols. (3) Silkworm disinfection. The new and old cocoon silkworm silkworms are washed and soaked in water, dried and disinfected with a disinfectant. Sporadic silkworms, such as silkworm nets, silkworm chopsticks, and cut-leaf boards, are cleaned first, and dried after cooking for half an hour. "Two mornings": Early expansion and mulberry harvest in the morning. Due to the high temperature during the mid-autumn silkworm period, the rapid development of the silkworm and the poor quality of the mulberry leaf must be achieved: (1) Early expansion of the seat. Early enlargement of silkworm seats, as far as possible to reach a thinning silkworm food satiety. (2) Harvest mulberry in the morning. When the dew does not dry, collect the leaves and use the mulberry leaves to loosen, express, and moisturize to minimize water loss in the mulberry leaves. "Three Preventions": Anti-high temperature, anti-silkworm disease, anti-poisoning. The mid-Autumn Silk Festival is at a high temperature, and it is easy for the larvae to become ill. It is also the peak period for crop pest control and disease prevention. Must do a good job of "three defenses": (1) prevent high temperatures. Before and after the silkworm room, a pergola should be constructed; the roof is covered with straw shade. The silkworm room can use well water or cold water to spray the ground. Small silkworm cover wetlands, large silkworm rearing silkworms. (2) Prevention of silkworm disease. Strictly mentioning youth in batches, picking up the net of late silkworms and eliminating the weak and small silkworms in time. Strengthening silkworm ventilation. Strengthen disinfection and disease prevention, and promptly do a good job of “extinction of silkworm flies” to add food or body spray, and to disinfect fly lice. Cleverly feeding wet leaves, adding “9109” and other antibacterial agents to improve disease resistance. (3) Anti-poisoning. It is forbidden to use “insecticide double”, “enemy kill” and pyrethroid pesticides that cause serious damage to the silkworm body around Mulberry Park and the sericulture area. It is forbidden to ignite mosquito coils and use insecticides such as insecticides in silkworms. During the breeding process to prevent pesticide poisoning, such as the use of mulberry leaves around the farmland, must be a small amount of test feeding before the phenomenon of poisoning can be used to feed a large number of mulberry feeding silkworm.

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