Melon high yield measures

April 08, 2021

Muskmelon belongs to the type of thin-skinned muskmelon and has the characteristics of vine-side melons. In the process of high-yield cultivation and management of Muskmelon, topping and snoring are important means to promote high yield. In the process of melon cultivation and management, scientific topping and snoring can regulate the distribution of nutrients in the plant, balance the relationship between nutrient growth and reproductive growth, improve the ventilation and light conditions in the field, and directional cultivation of a large, well-proportioned, mature period Consistent cantaloupe improves fruit set and stable yield. The method is:

When the main vine grows to 5 to 7 leaves, it will be picked up in time to trigger the low side vines (ie, cranberries). After the cranberry grows out, it chooses to keep 2 to 3 stalks of vines growing close to the main vine root as the base vines, and remove all the other side vines. When the basal vines grow to 10 to 15 leaves, they can pick up the hearts and promote the development of Sun Man. Then, after the growth of the side vines of each vine, select 2 stout sun vines as the result of vines, leaving only 1 melon on each vine, and remove the rest. After the results have been made into melons, from the time the cucurbits are retained, more than 10 leaves will be preserved and the heart will be picked up.

Note: Muskmelon topping should be done before the leaves are unfolded to avoid excessive wounds, evaporation of water and nutrients. At the same time, the picking should be done on a sunny day to avoid infection.

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