Massage chair purchase knowledge and massage chair function principle

April 19, 2021

More and more massage chairs are known and familiar to everyone and have entered the lives of ordinary people. Many of my friends may have noticed that there are a lot of people who buy various massage chairs in shopping malls and specialty stores.

After a tiring day of work, come and try to knead and massage properly, and you will be refreshed. As a result, massage chairs have gained more and more recognition and love.

Is it really possible to achieve a massage effect by sitting on a massage chair?

Recently, the author visited a famous Chinese massage chair retailer, the Beijing Chair Massage Chair Mall, and had an interview with Manager Wang in the massage chair showroom of Chaowai SOHO in Beijing. After that, he thought that the “massage chair” was really not simple.

1. What is the principle of the massage chair?

A: The principle of a massage chair is to use mechanical rolling force and balloon compression to massage. The massage chair imitates the massage of the person's hand to clear the meridians and make the circulation of the blood better. Usually, the yin and yang balance of the body is maintained, so after the massage, the muscles can be relaxed, the joints are flexible, and the spirit is refreshed and fatigue is relieved. Especially for the less healthy sub-healthy groups, the middle-aged and the elderly, and the females, the massage chairs helped them achieve passive exercise through massage and played a very active role in health care and health. Long-term use can significantly enhance the natural body. Disease resistance.

2. What is the difference between a massage chair massage and a manual massage?

A: Your question is very good. The mechanical massage of the massage chair is different from the artificial massage. The principle of the massage chair is to imitate the manual massage to relax the body and relieve fatigue. However, massage chairs are not as smart as humans and cannot communicate smoothly with massage technicians.

Therefore, when selecting a massage chair, a massage chair having functions such as body type automatic detection and 3D massage chair should be selected. These functions can calculate the corresponding massage site and massage trajectory through the detection of the user's body, so that the massage experience is more comfortable. . In the current industry, there are such high-end massage chairs: Life Power LP7000 Massage Chair, OSIM 7880 Massage Chair and so on. Therefore, it is very important to choose a massage chair that is rich in function and suitable for you.

3. Who is not suitable for using a massage chair?

A: It is true that some people are not suitable for using massage chairs: First, patients with severe heart disease, hypertension, and osteoporosis. Because massage can speed up the body's blood circulation, causing blood pressure fluctuations, it is not recommended for patients with heart disease and hypertension; while osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency and other reasons, easily lead to bone fragility, massage force, Particularly vulnerable to damage. The second is local skin damage, ulcers, bleeding and tuberculosis, tumor patients. The third is hunger, fullness, alcoholism or fatigue.

4. What do we need to pay attention to when using a massage chair?

A: Yes, we usually tell our customers like this:

(1) Use a massage chair to relax physically and mentally. When thinking about massage, focus should be on concentrating. Especially, be calm and don't be nervous.

(2) Use a massage chair to adjust the massage force of the chair, because too little force will not achieve the desired stimulating effect, excessively easy to produce fatigue, and damage the skin, massage force and the number of times should be from less to more, from light to weight .

(3) The use of massage chairs to grasp the time of good massage, each with 15-30 minutes is appropriate, preferably the morning and evening, such as after getting up early in the morning and before going to bed. In addition, the most important thing in choosing a massage chair is to choose according to the characteristics of the manufacturer's product according to their own body, and vary from person to person.

5, I heard that our life power massage chair has 3D massage function, can you briefly introduce it?

A: The 3D function represents the highest level of massage chair robots. The production process is complicated and the technology content is high. It is difficult to achieve the general massage chair brand. Life Power Massage Chair is an intelligent massage chair that can move the massage hand close to your body and move back and forth to achieve a 3D three-dimensional massage. More representative models are: Life Power LP7000 massage chair, this massage chair has also been rated as the best massage chair of the year 2009 due to numerous applications of high-end functions such as 3D massage function, Thai stretching massage function, and body type automatic detection. .

What is the key to the massage chair?

A: The most critical function of the massage chair is to really simulate the massage function of the professional masseur effect!

7. Which part can best reflect the advanced nature of technology and the best practicality?

A: For a massage chair, the back, legs, and massage are the most important parts. Especially on both sides of the body's back spine, this part of the massage is good, the body's comfortable and relaxed can be achieved. Therefore, when choosing a massage chair, do not just look at the appearance and try to sit in person. A good massage chair back massage should be heavy but not painful, precise and thorough.

8, electric massage chair is more function as possible?

A: The function of the massage chair is better if the back function is perfect. However, there is a tendency to pay attention to the following: Some brands have played multi-functional cards when the core technology of the massage chairs is not mastered. Added features such as DVD playback and heating that are not used, and used this as a selling point for products and reasons for price increase. In fact, this kind of function is not practical, and the increase in the cost is obvious. The selling price of 10,000 yuan and the selling price of 20,000 yuan are the same as the back massage mechanism. The additional functions will increase the number of you. The price of massage chairs, this hope that we can be more clear, avoid the choice of flashy additional features, but should pay attention to the massage function of the massage chair. .

9, on the market can see some electric massage chair with TV function, are these useful?

A: Some brands of massage chairs have added small LCD TVs. This does not mean that the massage chairs have advanced technology.

(1) People are nervous when watching a fierce television scene, which is not conducive to massage to achieve the desired effect.

(2) The head will go up and down with the massage. At this time, it is like reading a book in a driving car. It is harmful to the eyes.

So don't spend money on a small TV on a massage chair.

10. What are the massage effects of massage chairs?

A: First, the word "treat" is open to question. The chair massage chair mall never deliberately exaggerates the therapeutic function of the massage chairs. We also strongly object to this kind of exaggerated publicity. It can be said that the health effects of massage, after massage can feel muscle relaxation, joint flexibility, make people excited, eliminate fatigue, play an important role in ensuring good health.

How to buy a massage chair reasonably:

Then we ordinary consumers face a wide range of massage chair products on the market, how can we choose to fit your own massage chair?

Manager Wang of Beijing Chair Massage Chair Mall tells us a few simple criteria for the quality of massage chairs:

1, the appearance of the appearance of the technology level of the process, the popularity of styles, product development efforts, customers can observe the fine workmanship, first-class products will not be rough appearance.

2, when running, low noise. Only a precise mechanical structure will not produce noise, a good product sound is even and orderly, and the mechanical gaps in the interior of a noisy massage chair will be uneven in size, and will become more loose after labor.

3, the internal components of high quality open massage chair back cover to see the movement, high-end massage chair will not be used in the chassis and gear and pulleys and other key parts of plastic parts, aluminum and steel should be used.

4. Is the neck massage high enough? This is a key point. The kneading wheels are quite laborious. Therefore, many low-quality massage chairs have limited massage height and cannot reach the upper part of the neck or the back of the head. This is due to the limitation of the strength of the kneading mechanism and the relatively large cost involved. the difference.

5, whether the waist can effectively massage? Test the waist can not be massaged to massage: massage wheel walking up and down in the back, in order to fully massage the back, the length of the guide rail is enough, the scope of the massage can be guaranteed. With long rails, lateral pressure can easily deform him. So either use imported high-rigidity materials, or shorten the length of rails with cheap materials.

6. Is the automatic massage procedure comfortable? Is the design of the massage program humane, and is the massage program rich in changes? The massage chair is used to massage people's hands, and the intelligent massage chair uses different methods to massage the different parts.

7, massage techniques and light electric massage chair must be accurate but not painful. Inaccurate parts of the massage are definitely not acceptable. It will be even worse if the bones are massaged for more than 10 minutes. It is the top grade that is accurate and comfortable. The back is tight and the back is tight. Rubbish.

8. It is not usually the best massage chair brand to see in a mall. It is not necessary to believe that products and products seen in shopping malls and supermarkets must be the best or service. In fact, there are factories and brands that specialize in manufacturing massage chairs, but sales channels are relatively Less brand, the user knows not much, in fact, we choose to sell products are synchronized with the prevalence of foreign countries, the same quality; placed in the mall more than a long time is not necessarily the best, we are now operating are professional Massage chair manufacturers, OEM manufacturers for foreign brands, technology, quality, appearance are synchronized with the prevalence of foreign, so choose our massage chair is more cost-effective, more secure.

There are many brands of massage chairs and they are often mixed, making it difficult for consumers to make choices. At present, the recognized brand of massage chairs in the industry are mainly: life force, Panasonic, OSIM, Rongtai, and Fuji. Other small brands are very complicated and the technical level is relatively backward. When consumers choose, they should be cautious.

9, the same product, the same service, the price difference in different sales channels may be very large.

For example, the current best-selling life force LP7000 massage chair in the massage chair industry is sold at a price of around 40,000 yuan in a mall, and in a massage chair franchise store like the Beijing Chair Massage Chair Mall, the price is over 20,000 yuan. Can be delivered to your door, and provide two years of free on-site service. The reason is that the chair massage chair mall uses a combination of online sales and physical showroom sales, which greatly reduces the cost of sales of massage chairs, so it can give consumers greater benefits.

It can be seen that the purchase of massage chairs in the massage chair stores is more affordable than the shopping malls, and its after-sales service is more professional and in place. Select seller services, to consider the pre-market business, sales, after-sales service capabilities, consider the strength of business operations, business continuity, and professionalism, only such sellers, the interests of users can be guaranteed!

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