Making sweet soy lettuce

January 12, 2021

1, raw material processing. The newly harvested, fresh, non-injurious lettuce leaves are peeled and peeled, and the tendons have to be clean and thorough without any tendons or meat. Wash the peeled fleshy lettuce stems with clean water.

2, marinated. Wash the peeled lettuce stems in a pickling jar. In accordance with the ratio of 12.5 kg of salt for each 50 kg of net lettuce, layer the lettuce into the jar layer by layer, and place a layer of salt evenly on each layer. After entering the cylinder, the cylinders are inverted 1 time each morning and evening to promote the dissolution of salt grains. Care should be taken not to break the lettuce when the cylinder is inverted. After 3-4 days of salting, it was changed to 2 days of cylinder-inversion. After 10 days, the cylinder was sealed and stored. According to the above method, about 32 kg of preserved lettuce can be obtained per 50 kg of peeled fresh lettuce.

3, sauce processing. The marinated lettuce is cut into small pieces about 7 cm long (whole sauces can be cut without cutting whole lettuce). Then marinated lettuce blanks are soaked in clean water and desalted. The water is changed once every 24 hours. In winter, it is necessary to change the water 3 times and change the water 2 times in summer. Then put the lettuce into a cloth bag and drain the water. Make sauce treatment.

The specific method is: First, 100 kg of 100 kg of pickled lettuce with a second sauce, soy sauce for 3-4 days, snoring 3 times a day, snoring should be uniform and detailed, in order to make the lettuce sauce uniform and thorough. We will change sweet sauce sauce later. In order to change the sauce in summer, you must use water to wash the sub-stick that sticks to the outside of the bag to avoid acid deterioration. For every 100 kg of kilograms of preserved lettuce in winter, 75 kg of sweet pasta sauce, 55 kg of sweet pasta sauce and 20 kg of yellow sauce in summer, and 3-4 times of smolt every day after being made into sauce. Winter sauce is restricted for about 15 days and summer sauce is limited to about 10 days. The finished product is golden in color, has a rich sauce and does not have a flavor.

China Green Coffee Beans

flavor: mellow and balanced, with fruit acid flavor, nuts, honey, chocolate, citrus;


processing method: washing; 

water content: less than 12%;

 packaging: 60kg / bag

In 1892, French missionary father Tian Daneng preached in Dali, Yunnan Province, China. In order to drink coffee, he taught local villagers to grow and drink coffee. Up to now, coffee has been planted in Yunnan Province of China for more than 100 years, with an area of 120000 mu. Most of the varieties planted in Yunnan are ccatimor, with an altitude of 1000-1500m, The coffee produced in Yunnan has a balanced taste, rich nut and citrus flavor, some of which are very sweet, with obvious taste of chocolate, toffee and maple sugar. It is one of the high-quality coffee producing areas. Our coffee is produced at the junction of Puer and Burma - the Myitkyina original jungle beans at 1500-1750, with a rich flavor, high aroma and high sweetness. The 2019 international coffee cup Masters Tournament (China finals) is sponsored by beans.

Grade 1 Coffee Beans

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