Jinbao Tenebrio Feed Starter

November 29, 2019

The golden muck mealworm fermentation fungicide Tenebrio molitor is miscellaneous, so long as it is a substance containing major nutrients and its shape is suitable, it can be used as a feed application. At present, the use of a starter to treat crop stalks, sawdust, cottonseed hulls, bagasse, poultry Faeces, edible mushroom culture media, and scraps of various brewing industries can be turned into foods of the yellow mealworms, such as the "central" action of the fermentation of the fungus Tenebrio molitor feed fermentative, degradation, and transformation. With its various metabolites, a series of indicators such as physical shape, clear fragrance, palatability, hand feel and nutritional status have been greatly improved after fermentation, saving time and labor costs, and two types of Kinpo II fermentation aids have saved 70 % of time.
After fermentation, the product is golden yellow, smooth and smooth, smells good, taste good, animals like to eat and eat, palatability is very good, a variety of organic acids, vitamins, biological enzymes, amino acids and many other unknown growth factors, greatly The nutritional level and digestion and utilization rate of the fermented material were improved, the animal was able to “eat without food”, and the phenomenon of “eat not long meat” was completely changed, and the nutritional value was more comprehensive.
The microorganisms contained in the Jinbao Tenebrio feed starter are directly involved in the barrier action of the animal's intestine, supplement the population and quantity of beneficial microorganisms in the animal's intestine, form a "dominant beneficial bacteria group", and prevent the colonization and growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, recovery and Maintain the micro-ecological balance in the animal's intestine, so as to improve the animal's immunity and disease resistance, make the animals less sick, and make the farmers save money.

Medical Hospital Bed 5 functions Electric Hospital Bed



1. With easily operated touching switch.

2. [Reset"Function,bed can back to "Zero"position quickly.
3. Backup Battery,for emergency power failure.
4. Central locking castors controlled by electric.
5. Insert touching switch in the 2pcs side rail at the head side,also a touching switch at the foot board .
6. Detachable head& foot board in PP plastics .
7. foldable PP side rail foldable install on bed both side,controlled by gas spring.
8. Bed board with soft connection,make the bending of the bed board more smooth to let the patient feel more comfortable.
9. IV pole mount bracket ,at 4corners of the bed frame.  good price


Technical datas:


Steel framework ,ABS&PP for plastic part



Bed Board 








Trend & Rev Trend



12 mouths

Net weight


Load capacity



150mm swivel(Central Locking)

Hospital Bed

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