Hydride generator routine maintenance and troubleshooting

January 17, 2021

1. The generator should not be placed during use or storage, so as to prevent the water in the breathing tube from flowing out. If it is transported below zero or stored indoors, the water in the breathing tube should be drained. When transporting above zero, the hose exposed on the upper part of the breathing tube must be clamped with a clamp.
2. Fill the breathing tube with water: clamp the water injection pipe with a clip, remove the plug, remove the clip, fill the water between the upper and lower scale lines, clamp the water injection pipe with a clip, remove the syringe, and plug the water injection pipe with a stopper. After use, due to evaporation loss, the lower surface is lower than the lower blue scale line, and this method is needed to supplement the water. If the water surface exceeds the upper score line when measuring, remove the plug and release more water. If too much water is added, it may cause water to enter the flowmeter, causing the flowmeter float to be stuck. At this time, the carrier gas flow rate should be increased first, and the solution in the flowmeter should be blown dry with the carrier gas, such as the float still cannot move and then close. Gas, tap the upper surface with a screwdriver to make it fall.
3. Precautions for the use of quartz absorption tube (1) The quartz tube cannot be directly used with 220V. Use the internal regulator to 110V. The voltmeter must be connected to the load to display the actual voltage.
(2) The point heat quartz absorption tube must be cut off during installation and disassembly. The heating wire and the main body are not short-circuited.
(3) Cleaning-Absorbing tube After long-term use, the inner surface (which reacts with hydrogen to form a hydrogen group, which takes hydrogen from the hydride and atomizes it) is deposited by salt spray to form a large amount of white crystals, which reduces the sensitivity and stability of the measurement. At this time, it can be cleaned with hydrofluoric acid, the absorption tube is placed vertically, the lower mouth and the branch tube are plugged with plastic (with matching), and hydrofluoric acid (concentrated) is injected from the upper mouth for 15 minutes, then poured out, washed with water, and drained. .
(4) Be careful not to let the acid drip onto the heating wire, otherwise the insulation layer will be destroyed, a short circuit will occur, and the quartz tube can only be cleaned and reused.
(5) The white crystal in the quartz tube is very thick, which is more than one third of the wall of the quartz tube. The measurement result is unstable and the sensitivity is greatly reduced. It can be regarded as the end of the life of the quartz tube, and the new quartz tube should be replaced.
4, potassium borohydride does not inhale - from the back of the generator, the middle left corner of the two hoses with a (0) capillary, remove the glass capillary of the middle sleeve, use a syringe to pump the capillary, put it on the water Yes, if you can't blow it, you can use a small fire to bake it and then blow it. If you still can't blow it, you can use it or ask the manufacturer.
5, the carrier liquid does not inhale - from the back of the generator, the middle left corner of the hose has a (1) capillary tube, remove the glass capillary of the middle sleeve, use a syringe to pump the capillary, and blow it with water (method same as above) ).
6. After the sample suction tube is full of sample solution, it does not blow back. The four screws on the top of the top are loosened and removed. The outer casing can be taken out from the bottom up. Look inside, the middle hose is covered (2) No. Capillary, blow through the (2) capillary, and reinstall it.
7. The three solutions are inhaled normally, but the main unit has no absorption. Please check the gas-liquid separation tube and the mixer output tube on the back of the generator. If there is any fluency, make sure it is unblocked. For example, blow it with air with air.
8. The start button can't be played after the reading whistle is sent. Check the air source to ensure the smoothness of the vent line and sufficient pressure.
9. Treatment of pollution: If the high content of the sample is inhaled, the pollution of the generator pipe is caused. At this time, the blank data is large, the zero point is also high (the zero point is not adjustable at this time), and the adjustable large carrier gas flow rate is simultaneously used. The clip clamps the waste pipe, and the carrier gas is used to blow away the pollution that is absorbed on the pipe wall (the time is normal until the blank is normal), and the compressed air can also be used to directly blow the two sides of the rear air outlet pipe.
10. If the sensitivity is too high, it is available:
<1> Increase the carrier gas flow rate.
<2> Clamp the rear snorkel to reduce the sensitivity. If you still can't meet the requirements, please dilute the sample or contact our factory.
11. If there is a burning phenomenon in the electrothermal quartz tube, there is a high peak in the measurement, which is the performance of the carrier gas impure (the oxygen content is too high), and the experiment can be carried out after clamping the back vent tube first, if it still cannot be solved. Please change the purity and quality of the gas.
12. If the water surface in the breathing tube is continuously reduced or increased, the liquid system has failed. The general situation should be handled by the professional maintenance personnel of the manufacturer. At this time, please send the generator back to the factory.

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