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January 14, 2020

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4 shallow, wet (dry, sun), deep scientific water management technology

4.1 Shallow water irrigation period

Seedlings return to the green period to maintain shallow water during the tillering period, creating a more stable temperature and humidity environment for the seedlings, promoting early-onset new roots and accelerating greening. And irrigation of shallow water can increase water temperature mud temperature, large temperature difference between day and night, promote childbirth early birth, fast hair, increase the number of tillers per plant.

4.2 Wet (dry, sun) field time

From the end of childbirth to the beginning of young panicle differentiation, Honda should discharge light from the open field to improve the percentage of tillers and spikes, and to suppress invalid tillers. High-lying land, sandy soil, and seedlings are generally not exposed to the sun, while deep mud fields, high fertility fields, and seedlings, with thick leaves and strong growth can be properly re-sunshine. The physicochemical properties of the soil were improved through the sun drying, and the root development of the plant was promoted, and the plant resistance to lodging and lodging was enhanced. In addition, the use of intermittent irrigation in the seed-filling and grain-filling period to keep the paddy field moist can prolong the functional period of the leaves at the later stage of the plant and maintain strong photosynthesis to reduce empty grains and increase grain weight.

4.3 Deepwater Irrigation

Seedling and booting stage, especially heading and flowering stage should be suitable for deep water irrigation. In the panicle development period, the irrigation of the water layer should be maintained in terms of physiological or ecological water requirements. In addition, the mid-late-maturing combination often has high-temperature damage or even fire southward during the heading and flowering stage in July. In this case, deepwater irrigation can significantly reduce the impact of high temperature. According to experimental irrigation deep water 7cm can be reduced by about 0.5 °C, and the increase in humidity is very beneficial to the production of out-cross seed and fruit.

5Discussion on flowering forecasting techniques of "three steps" in "four steps", "nutrition period" and "four-leaf four leaves"

5.1 Four-leaf prediction method

The paddy field is diluted with sowing, the fertility conditions are good, the seedlings are low in the tillering stage, the tillering is early and many, and the quality of the seedlings is reflected in the four-leaf stage and the growth period is determined. That is to say, if the growth status of the seedlings is good, the number of leaves of the main stem will be reduced, the duration of the sowing will be shortened, and the heading period will be earlier; otherwise, it will be relatively increased and prolonged.

5.2 Nutrition Period Prediction

In the vegetative growth period of Honda, the climate and weather conditions are good, and the temperature and light are sufficient; when the planting is relatively dense, the fertilizer and water management conditions are good, and the cultivation measures are appropriate, the parent leaves are accelerated, the duration of the broadcast is shortened, and the heading period is earlier; Relatively prolonged and postponed. It is worth pointing out that this regularity, which promotes growth and promotes development, is limited to the vegetative period, and to the reproductive growth period or the transition period between growth and development, it often promotes growth and delays development. This is also the theoretical basis behind what we said later.

5.3 inverted four-leaf prediction

It is estimated that when the breeding parent enters the inverted five-leaf stage, instillation of 10mg/kg of the ninety-five fluid is to be observed on the fifth day with the help of a microscope or a magnifying glass to examine whether the tip of the stem is to be entered into the inverted four-leaf and to combine with the elongate leaf. Leaf speed, leaf age record, parent (x) mother (Y), the number of leaves was determined, and the regression equation y=1.21x-0.23 was used to predict whether the flowering period met.

6 Master the "three easy" and "three difficulties" and timely and effectively regulate the parents' flowering technology

6.1 Grasp the "Sanyi" and "Three Difficulties" of Adjusting Flowering Time

"Sanyi" is an early adjustment and adjustment, and is easy to adjust and adjust. "Three difficulties" is relatively speaking, late adjustment is difficult: to the young panicle differentiation in the 7th and 8th period of re-adjustment of course difficult, and can use fewer adjustment methods; early adjustment difficult: relatively delayed heading, it is difficult to advance the parental growth period ; Adjustment mother is difficult: mainly the mother group is relatively large, relatively insensitive, higher adjustment costs.

6.2 Main adjustment techniques

One is the regulation of agronomic practices. As mentioned above, many cultivation measures r grow well and promote development, consistent with the cultivation objectives, and because of “early adjustment and adjustment”, therefore in terms of cultivation measures, in addition to considering the increase in yield, they must be consistent with the developmental coordination of both parents at any time. Consider it. In addition, cutting heads and cultivators can delay heading. If the main pod is removed, it must be re-fertilized in the early stage of spikelet differentiation to produce more late tillers and spikes.

The second is the fertilizer and water promotion control method. Nitrogen-controlled potassium promotion: Partial application of nitrogen fertilizer can delay the pumping and prolong the flowering period for 1 to 2 days. Continuous application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers during the spike differentiation period.

Can promote development, early flowering period of 1 to 2 days. Dry water control promotes the use of the male parent to control the growth and development of the water-sensitive characteristics of the field, and irrigation of deep water to promote growth and development.

The third is hormone regulation. Paclobutrazol control, the appropriate amount of paclobutrazol before the third spike differentiation, can delay the heading for 1 to 3 days. After spraying seven days of young panicles, the application of Tiaohuabao and trace 9200 can accelerate the development.

Three-word classics of hybrid rice seed production technology city 3
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7 timely elimination, prevention, treatment, comprehensive control of pest technology

7.1 Seriously disinfect the seeds

Many diseases belong to the seed virus spread, such as rice bakan disease, as long as the seed disinfection to ensure the concentration of disinfectant liquid and disinfection time, you can prevent the disease. In addition, seed disinfection can significantly reduce the occurrence and development of diseases such as rice blast, bacterial blight, and leaf spot disease.

7.2 prevention, comprehensive prevention

The main pests and diseases in the field should be prevented and comprehensively controlled. Such as panicle neck rice blast disease, mainly to grasp the heading period of the break, heading period to lay protection drugs, and if the case of rain after spraying should be timely supplement. In short, according to local disease and pest information at that time, early prevention and timely treatment can only do more with less.

8 timely, appropriate, suitable method of spraying 920 technology

8.1 Timely

According to the degree of sensitivity of parents to September 20, the first spraying index was determined. Seed index V20A for the first time, Fengyuan A for 5%~10%, Gold 23A for 15%~20% and T98A for 25%~30%.

8.2 amount

Per acre spray 90% dose: V20A, Fengyuan A 25 ~ 30g, gold 23A is about 16g, T98A is about 12g, the first application of the total amount of 30%, 70% of the total amount of the second spray.

8.3 Law

The first is to look at the weather. Sunny high temperature should be sprayed in the morning or after 4 pm, cloudy days can be sprayed all day, rainy days to grab the rain stop spray; high temperature, windy weather should increase water consumption, rainy days should reduce water consumption.

The second is to see the flowering period. Parents who spent the flower well or the mother's earliest spikes were made according to the best parenting period of the female parents. After the panicles were planted, the trees were planted with 9200; if the parents were eared, they were more than Sub-micro application to promote maternal heading.

In addition, effective use of spikes, yellowing of seedlings, and diseases and pests should increase the amount of 90%.

9 good isolation, impurity removal, preservation three. Guaranteed seed purity technology

9.1 Strict isolation

The natural segregation between the varieties used for production is the use of natural barriers such as hills and villages; or the space is separated by more than 100m; or the time of isolation is the difference between the flowering durations of different varieties for more than 20 days to avoid biological confusion.

9.2 Strict impurity removal

The first is to remove impurities. Seize the heading period, and remove the maintenance strains of the hybrid strains at an advantageous timing that maintains the strains earlier than the sterile lines, and remove the mutants and other miscellaneous strains after heading.

The second is to eliminate impurities completely. It was found that the panicles were removed without any problems.

9.3 Standard Operation

In the process of collecting, seeding, drying, transporting, storing, processing and packaging of seeds, the parents should be separated and the entire process should be controlled to prevent human interference and ensure the purity of the varieties.

10 Implement prevention, looting, and drying to ensure seed commodity quality

10.1 Management Later Defense

That is, in the mature stage of seeding and flowering, we must grasp the management of fertilizer and water, control the amount of 902, and prevent the plants from lodging to cause lodging; use the pesticide in time to prevent and control the pests, and when the seeds mature, the yellow silk stalks, the ear layer, the cool, prevent Rice smut, prevent seed germination.

10.2 Grab the ripe harvesting period

When the seeds matured 80%, according to the local weather forecast at that time, select the fine weather organization to collect the grain, threshing and sun drying, and prevent the mud from contaminating the seeds during the collection process to ensure the golden color. Advocate early manual removal of the father and use mechanical harvesting to ensure that mature seeds are harvested before the onset of rain.

10.3 Drying after receiving rain

After harvesting and threshing, if it meets rainy days, it must do everything possible to prevent it from being piled up. Make full use of cement, wood flooring, etc. to spread seeds, vigorously promote bamboo drying seeds and low-temperature drying to reduce moisture, clear sun, ensure seed sowing quality.

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