Humidity has multiple effects on pig growth

July 15, 2021

Humidity is a physical quantity used to indicate the amount of water vapor in the air. It is usually expressed as relative humidity. The influence of the relative humidity in the house on the pigs is closely related to the ambient temperature. Whether it is a young pig or an adult pig, when the ambient temperature in which it is located is within the preferred range, the relative humidity of the air in the house has little effect on the performance of the pig. Tests have shown that if the temperature is appropriate, the relative humidity changes from 45% to 95% and there is no abnormal weight gain in the pig. At this time, relative humidity is often limited by other considerations. For example, taking into account the relative humidity is too low when the pig house is easy to float dust, too low relative humidity is also adverse to the pig's mucous membrane and disease resistance; high relative humidity is easy to breed pathogens, but also reduces the building structure and The life of the equipment in the house. Therefore, even within the preferred temperature range, the relative humidity in the air should not be too low or too high.

When the ambient temperature is low, the relative humidity will make the pig feel cold. This is because the pig's hair and skin absorb the moisture in the moist air and the thermal conductivity increases, which increases the amount of heat dissipated by the pig. At the same time, with the ventilation, the large amount of latent heat contained in the water vapor is lost to the outside, reducing the temperature. Therefore, when the temperature is low, the relative humidity will affect the pig's production performance, which is more sensitive to the young pigs. For example, according to experiments, piglets in pig houses with high relative humidity in winter have an average weight gain of about 48% lower than that of the control group, and are likely to cause diseases such as diarrhea and enteritis.

When the ambient temperature in the house is high, the relative humidity in the house is large, which also affects the production performance of the pig. Pigs have strong ability to adapt to changes in humidity. Even if the relative humidity exceeds 85%, the growth performance will not be affected. However, the high humidity at high temperatures will hinder the evaporative heat dissipation of pigs, which will exacerbate the danger of high temperatures. If the temperature exceeds the optimum temperature, the relative humidity increases from 40% to 70%, which will reduce the pig's weight gain. This point is more sensitive to adult pigs because adult pigs have lower growth temperatures than piglets.

Considering comprehensively, the relative humidity suitable for pig life is 60% to 80%. In certain regions or seasons, when the relative humidity in the house is too high to be reduced, measures should be taken to increase or decrease the shepherding temperature and to make the work of sanitation and epidemic prevention. This will also ensure the normal production of the pigs.

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