How to use water to make ingredients?

November 02, 2019

The biggest drawbacks of pig raising in Sushui County are as follows: First, the collected drowning water is disinfected and sterilized by high temperature. In addition to spending a lot of fuel costs, the staff is still very hard. The second is that the composition of drowning water is complicated and contains more toxic and harmful substances. Nutrition is also not very balanced, especially with scarcity of plant protein, relative excess of animal protein, and poor quality, so pigs are not fast growing. They usually take six to seven months to get listed, and they are often subject to various infectious diseases and parasitic diseases. The threat of sick pigs and dead pigs occurs from time to time, causing a great risk of losing money.
However, the correct use of Jinbaobao (Zhuishui) fermentation auxiliaries to make a safe fermented feed is very different. It can shorten the time for the sale (from the last six-seven months, and shorten it to five months or less). Significant savings in fuel costs, labor costs, labor intensity reductions, and full-price feeds are achieved or exceeded. The bred pigs have a ruddy skin with shiny, shiny, odor free smell throughout the pigshed and a fresh environment.
Yishui (Ziyu) Fermentation Ingredients: After drowning the water and drain it, add other materials and adjust the water level to about 60% (see the instructions for the judgment method, ie, grasping into groups and landing is appropriate). The reference formulas are: 1. 60-70% of drowning after draining; 2. 10% of corn flour; 3. 18% of wheat bran; 4. 1-2% of premix (should be formulated if it is to be fermented When the full-price material is added, the premix is ​​added, and when the full-price material is not fermented, the premix is ​​not added. The premix can be added after the fermentation, or can be purchased directly as a full-priced material and fed according to the formula) ; 5, two thousandths (0.2%) of Kinpo 2 type fermentation aid. After the good ingredients are prepared, the fermentation is sealed for one to three days and gradually added to 60% during use.

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