How to use pregnant ewes breweries

April 18, 2021

Recently, the Zhang station of Xindian Town in Rudong County called the newspaper “The Pastoral Doctor 110” to reflect that there were brewery dumpers near his home. He wanted to feed the sheep with breweries. He asked: Can ewes feed breweries during pregnancy and breastfeeding? How should they be used?

The reporter interviewed Wang Gongjin, a sheep-raising expert from the Institute of Animal Husbandry, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Wang Gongjin said that the use of brewer's grains in the production of sheep is relatively small, and the more used types of bad residue feeds are bean curd scum, vinegar grains and sauce grains.

"The residues of carbohydrates extracted from barley and other foods are brewer's grains, which are rich in protein, amino acids and trace elements and can be used as daily feed ingredients for ewes." Wang Gongjin said that brewers' grains cannot feed sheep individually, and should be used only when used. With corn meal, bran, soybean meal, etc., especially pregnant ewes, due to the high level of energy consumption of ewes at this stage, the use of brewer's grains alone can not meet the protein needs of pregnant ewes, this time should be based on feed formulations In place of the amount of vinegar and soybean curd residue in the full-priced feed, the amount added is generally about 20%.

"Because of the high demand for protein in the later stages of pregnancy, the ewes should be able to reduce the amount of brewer's grains in the feed or increase the supply of additives (including bone meal, multi-dimensional, calcium, etc.) in the later period. The amount of soybean meal added to improve the protein level in the ewes diet.” said Wang Gongjin.

In addition, brewer's grains can also be mixed with corn stalks in a certain proportion to be made into silage and fed. Zhang Zhaoxi of Zhangqiu City Bureau of Animal Husbandry in Shandong Province has done a “feeding brewer's corn stalk mixed silage and corn stalks separately after silage. In a comparative study of lactating dairy goats, he used corn stalks and brewer's grains to silage the corn silage directly in a ratio of 4-1, and the results showed that the weight gain of each lactating goat in the experimental group was 12.5 higher than that of the control group. %, the daily milk yield was 0.25 kg more milk per head than the control group, and milk yield increased by 8.8%.

Due to the relatively high moisture content in the brewer's grains, it is not easy to preserve. When the temperature is relatively high, the brewer's grains will appear moldy and aggravate sourness after being exposed to the air for a few days. If the quantity of brewer's grains purchased is relatively large, it may be dried or dried to avoid mold deterioration. Save it later.

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