How to make cucumbers more

January 13, 2020

To make more cucumbers, you should find ways to increase the number of cucumber female flowers:

1. Use good breeds every other year: High-quality cucumber seeds can be stored for one year after being stored under good storage conditions, and the proportion of female flowers can be increased.

2. Increase water: Cucumber seeds grown in 80% soil are more than 1 times more productive than soil grown in 40% soil.

3. Optimized fertilization measures: The proportion of female flowers cultivated in neutral soil is high. Increasing organic fertilizer can neutralize the acidity of the soil and promote the differentiation of female flowers. In the early growth and development of cucumber to provide adequate nitrogen fertilizer can also increase the number of female flowers.

4. Temperature-control and sun-shading: Cucumber is a short-day crop, shortening light can increase female flowers. Before the formation of cucumber flowers, the use of black paper, straw and other shade on the scaffold shade, the daily sunshine control in 9 hours. Within 10 to 30 days after the cotyledons are unfolded, low-temperature treatment is performed, and a large temperature difference is maintained. The night temperature is 14° C. to 15° C., and the ape temperature is 25° C. to 28° C. Phosphate fertilizers are added to the nursery soil to promote flower bud differentiation.

5, Topping: When the main vine of cucumber has 25 leaves topping. Lateral vines can be melon varieties, when the plants have 1 - 2 pieces of melon when the side of vines to pick the heart.

6. Spraying: Spray with 40% ethephon 250g watered at 50kg in seedling stage, or spray with 0.01% naphthaleneacetic acid sodium salt solution in cucumber at 2-3 leaf true leaves, all can increase female flower number. At the same time, with artificial pollination, can increase production by 17% - 34%.

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