How to keep farm machinery in winter

January 10, 2020

With the continuous improvement of the degree of agricultural mechanization, tractors, pumps, threshers, motors and pesticide spraying machinery are used in large quantities in production. The winter season must be properly kept for better use in the coming year.

Iron parts prevent corrosion. Plowshares, coulters, etc. should be cleaned and dried and then painted with oil. Iron-coated airframes and other paint strips should be rust-removed and then painted with anti-rust paint. The reamer chain should be coated with rust-proof grease. For some small agricultural machinery and parts rusted parts, can be placed in vinegar, soaked to the rust layer is easy to peel off, remove with a thin wire brush, brush rust, wash and paint dry Vaseline or rust oil. Can also add baking soda in the tank with a proper amount of Taomi Shui at a ratio of 1:500, put the agricultural implements and agricultural machinery parts into baking soda water, and remove them with clean water after a few days to remove rust.

Anti-aging cracking of rubber parts. After the rubber parts of the agricultural implements get wet or oily, they are susceptible to ageing, deterioration and softening. Therefore, the v-belt or flat belt on the pump or tractor should be removed and hung on a ventilated and dry wall. During the period of putting the tractor and small harvester into storage, the bricks will be used to lift the front and rear bridges of the locomotive, so that the tires will be lifted off the ground and will not be under pressure, and the appropriate air pressure will be maintained to prevent deformation and damage of the tires. Spray and mist mechanical, rubber band aging and damage to be replaced.

Anti-deformation spring. After the tractor is put into storage, the handle should be placed in the “closed” position to prevent the clutch spring from losing its elasticity due to long-term compression. The intake and exhaust valves of the engine should also be placed in the closed state to prevent the spring from being damaged by long-term compression deformation, and dust can also be prevented from entering the cylinder and corroding the valve seat and the valve. When the harvester is in storage, the cutter assembly should be removed, the moving blades should be cleaned and greased, and the movable cutter bar should be hung and stored to prevent deformation.

The motor is protected from moisture. The unused motor should be placed in a dry, ventilated and clean warehouse, and must not be mixed with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc. To prevent the occurrence of short circuit and electric leakage due to the corrosion or moisture, resulting in the deterioration of the insulation performance, causing safety accidents.

Anti-sulfur battery. When the large and medium-sized tractors are stored, they should be removed and their external surfaces wiped clean and fully charged. Then, petroleum jelly should be deposited on the surfaces of the electric piles and connecting plates, and then charged once every other month. When the harvester is not used for a long time, the battery wire should be removed and discharged quickly. After that, the harvester should be charged (adequately) and discharged once a month until it is used in the next harvesting season. After the winter harvester and tractor are working, the cooling water should be drained to prevent the cylinder and the tank from breaking.

Spray instruments should be cleaned. Sprayers, mist sprayers and other medical equipment should be carefully cleaned before storage in winter to prevent corrosion and to prevent phytotoxicity during use. In particular, after sprayed with herbicides, they must not be neglected for cleaning. General sprayers can be used. Alkaline water is repeatedly washed, and a special brush is used to brush out the grooves, pipe walls and other parts one by one. Spraying muddy water to the nebulizer sprayer; Spraying the 2,4-dbutyl sprayer must be cleaned with ferrous sulfate; Mist oil, heavy oil and other special dirty parts, can use tad-80 charcoal Stain cleaner wash. All parts that can be removed must be removed and cleaned. The inner wall of the sprayer and sprayer should be flushed with oil to prevent rust. After cleaning, put it in ventilated and dry place

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