How to buy an electric fryer?

June 29, 2019

Electric fryer can be used to deepen chicken legs, chicken wings, squid, mushrooms, vegetables and other snacks. It is often used in hotels, restaurants and other places. The electric fryer is divided into a gas furnace and an electric frying type according to the operation mode. Electric fryer is divided into single-cylinder electric fryer, two-cylinder electric fryer, three-cylinder electric fryer and multi-function electric fryer according to different functions. Faced with so many styles, how to choose the most economical and practical electric fryer?

First, look at the actual needs, electric frying furnace is divided into ordinary electric fryer and luxury electric fryer according to the effect. The luxurious heating tube is a copper tube, which is relatively durable. It is also much more expensive than the ordinary type in the design. It is recommended that the hotel purchase a luxury electric fryer.

Second, look at performance. If it is outdoor operation, the gas electric fryer is relatively convenient for electric frying, and there is no need to find a power source.

Third, look at the function. Single-cylinder single-screen electric fryer with a size of 460x290x315mm and a power of 2.5KW and a weight of 4.5KG. Double-cylinder double-screen electric fryer with dimensions of 570*460*310 and power: 5 kW. The 40-litre gas vertical electric fryer has an external dimensions of 850x530x783mm and a capacity of 40L. The 25-type vertical gas fryer has a size of 670x470x740mm and a pot capacity of 25L.

Fourth, look at the brand. The brand's equipment is relatively complete in terms of quality and after-sales service, and cost-effective.

AO Type External Fixator.

Certification: CE & ISO13485 
Material: Aluminium, Stainless steel, titanium . 
Advantages of our external fixators     
I. Unnular design, firm and reliable     
II. Easier operation & short time     
III. Minimally invasive surgery, no influence to blood supply of bone      
IV. Second surgery is unnecessary, remove directly in clinic     
V. Dynamic design, better for bone healing     
VI. Taper bone screws, taut and firm after insertion.   
We can also provide OEM service for you. 

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System C

External Fixator System C

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