Hangju harvest processing technology

January 14, 2020

Chrysanthemum processing uses a method of steaming a small stove. The outer diameter of the wok is more than 50 cm. The chrysanthemum is placed on a steaming disk (the steaming disk is braided with a bamboo raft, the circumference is inclined, about 5 cm in length, the upper edge is about 37 to 39 cm in diameter), and the thickness is about 3 cm. Too thick to steam well. After the pot water is boiled, place 2 to 3 steaming pans and cover the wooden lid. Steamed firepower should be swift and even, adding one hot water once per steaming. Pot water should not be too much, so as not to boil water to the steamed disk, affecting the quality of chrysanthemum. The steaming time is about 4 to 4.5 minutes. Overcooked and overcooked, it becomes “humid rot” and not easy to dry. If the steaming time is too short, raw flowers appear. The petal is not affixed when it comes out of the cage. The color is gray and the wind blows. It turns red brown. Excessive flowering affects quality. Steamed chrysanthemums are dried on bamboo screens. Do not turn the chrysanthemums in the room. Do not press into the room at night. Turn over after 3 days in the sun. After drying for 6-7 days, store it for 1-2 days after storage for several days. The flower core is completely hardened and can be stored.

Black Light Blue Lamps(BLB)

These lamps effciently emit ultraviolet rays at 315nm-400nm,which have strong photochemical fluorescent effects.they are special deep blue filter glass which absorb visible rays and transmits .there are two types of hosphor are used with radiation peak at 352nm and 368nm,respectvely.

Application:used for tests,insections,examinations,stage illumination in theaters and

nightc lub ,advertisements and sign boards.

We have T5,T8,T9,T10,T12 ,and can do 5w/7w/9w/11w/13w/18w/24w/36w/55w

Black Light Blue Lamps (BLB) have shape, structural, and electrical characteristics similar to general fluorescent lamps used for illumination. They also have similar lighting circuits.

Therefore, ballasts and glow starters used for general fluorescent lamps can be used for black light blue lamps (BLB) of this type.

1 Total amount of the ultraviolet rays between 300nm and 400nm.

2 When the ultraviolet ray output becomes 60% of the initial output (after 100 hours of lighting).

Black Light Blue Lamp

Black Light Blue Lamp, Black Light Blue Fluorescent Lamps

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