Green food needs good fat

February 08, 2020

Green foods Fertilizers that require good green foods must meet the crop's need for nutrient elements and allow enough organic matter to return to the soil to maintain or increase soil fertility and soil biological activity. All organic or inorganic (mineral) fertilizers, especially those rich in nitrogen, do not have adverse consequences on the environment and crops (nutrition, taste, variety and plant resistance). For the above requirements, the following two fertilizers can be selected.
1, decomposed farmyard fertilizer. Mainly from the accumulation of biological materials, animal and plant residues, excreta, biological waste, etc. Including compost (a variety of straw, lake grass as the main raw material and human and animal excrement and a small amount of mud, aerobic microbial decomposition of a class of organic fertilizer), manure fertilizer (the materials used are basically the same with the compost, but in flooded Under the conditions, a series of organic fertilizers and manure fertilizers produced by anaerobic fermentation of microorganisms (a class of organic fertilizers consisting mainly of feces and urine of livestock and poultry such as pigs and chickens, and the accumulation of straw and other litters and the action of microorganisms) Biogas fertilizer (in a sealed biogas digester, by-products of biogas production by microbial fermentation from biogas, mainly consisting of biogas fertilizer, water and biogas slag), green manure (in the form of overpressure, off-site application, or fertilization with fresh plants) Fertilizers obtained after the reactor are mainly divided into two major categories: legume green manure and non-bean legume green manure), crop straw fertilizer (fertilizer with wheat straw, rice straw and rapeseed straw, etc.), and mud fertilizer (unpolluted) The river mud, pond mud and other fertilizers), cake fertilizer (a variety of seeds containing more oil by pressing oil to make fertilizer. Such as rapeseed cake, cottonseed cake) and so on. Treated by the jinbao starter, it has the function of killing and removing worm eggs, and can be applied after fermentation.
2, microbial fertilizers. That is, a preparation containing living microorganisms cultured with a specific microorganism strain. According to microbial fertilizers to improve the different elements of plant nutrition, can be divided into five categories: rhizobia fertilizer, nitrogen-fixing bacteria fertilizer, phosphorus bacteria fertilizer, silicate bacteria fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer. Biological bacterial fertilizer not only contains a large number of nitrogen-fixing, phosphate-solubilizing and potassium-releasing active bacteria, but also contains organic matter, humic acid and trace elements. High-quality fungus fertilizers, such as Kumba fungus fertilizer, not only can save the amount of fertilizer used, but also can solve the problems such as soil compaction, increase soil microbial content, etc. It is the preferred fertilizer for the production of green food.

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