Fruit and salt billet processing technology

June 18, 2019

1, fresh peaches salty peach blank 50 kg, 7.5 kg of salt, drying can peach blanks 20 kg.
1 raw material requirements: fresh peaches eight, nine maturity (that is, from green to white without red), regardless of size, crisp meat.
2 pickled: Size bin (easy to pickle, drying the same), with a knife along the peach split into two pieces. Put the glutinous peach slices into the water and soak into the water (easily make the salt adhere to the peach slices), then pour it into the empty tank and pave the layer of salt with a slice of peach and mix it with salt. After the cylinder is full, seal the remaining salt on the surface. After the salt dissolves, add the lid and press the stones to make the peach pieces immersed in the salt brine. Otherwise, it will spoil and deteriorate, and it will be dried for 7-10 days. dry.
3 sun billet: the marinated peach slices were drained in the pot, drained, spread on the mattress mat exposure, early evening and close, turn peach slices every day 2-3 times. Sun 3-4 days as peach slices have turned dark yellow, not water by hand pinch, they can be collected in the casket, placed in the room for 4-5 days, let it evaporate the water, and then expose the sun for 2-3 days to peach slices Dry it and pack it.
2, salty plum fresh plum 50 kg, 7 kg of salt, can be dried billet 17.5 kg.
1 raw material requirements: plum eight mature, hard meat.
2 pickled, sun billet: due to the smooth skin of Li Pi, before pickling should be fresh Lee into the bamboo raft, add a small amount of coarse salt rubbing, rub to the Li Pi silky. Marinated and dried in the same way as salted peach. Salting time is about 7 days.
3, Xianmei bill 50 kg of green plum, 8 kg of salt, 20 kg of dried sweets.
1 raw material requirements: plum plump, not yellow is not soft, if it has been yellow and meat is still hard, can add 0.2 kg of lime powder per 50 kg of fresh plum when adding salt.
2 pickled, sun billet: pickled and dried billet method with the peach billet, but the salt billet time should be mastered 10-14 days.
4, salty Yangmei billet 50 kg of fresh bayberry, salt 7.5 kg, 0.2 kg alum, can be dried sun dried red bayberry 12.5 kg.
1 raw material requirements: fresh red bayberry color purple or dark red, a large.
2 pickled, sun billet: pickled 7-8 days after the sun, method with salty peach billet.
5, salty apricot crisp 50 kg of fresh apricot, salt 7.5-8 kg, dried sunflower 20 kg.
1 raw material requirements: fresh apricot eight maturity, color from white to slightly white, hard meat.
2 pickled, sun billet: pickled and dried billet method with salty plum blanks. Precautions for processing of the salt billet: 1 During the salting period, check frequently to prevent dehalogenation and mildew; 2 residual halogens can be recycled; 3) The container is better for bamboo raft; 4) The process of pickling the salted billet should not be stained Smeared grease.

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