Four measures for emergence of ginger

April 18, 2021

Measure one: Do a good job of soaking or dipping. The survey found that ginger seedlings were not soaked before germination, which could easily lead to budding, weak buds, and even some ginger buds were discolored and darkened and had aphids. Before ginger was found to be unfavorable after sowing, it was not remedied with a soaking treatment so that the rate of seedling emergence after sowing was different. Measure two: There are principles for sowing cover soil. The principle of ginger sowing is to first grade the ginger buds according to their size. When sowing seeds, they should be placed in a well-prepared ginger ditch in accordance with the principle of “disapproaching on the Qi”. Ginger buds should be upward and the spacing between the plants should be 16-20 cm. Between the time, sowing immediately after the cover, the thickness of 3 to 5 cm is appropriate. If the soil is too thick and the ground temperature is low, it is not conducive to the emergence of seedlings; if the soil is too thin, the surface of the soil is easy to dry, which also affects the emergence of seedlings. Step 3: Strengthen the management of fertilizer and water in the seedling stage. After ginger sowing, it is required that the first water be poured thoroughly, and the soil should be kept moist after emergence to prevent it from becoming dry and damp, causing the unevenness of the ginger seedlings, and the new leaves not to be normally stretched and distorted. After the emergence of the second water, can be used collagen peptide (carapace seaweed fertilizer) and biological agents Baodisheng fermentation of 5 to 7 days after the application of a flush with water, mu dosage of about 20 pounds. Measure four: Take precautions against underground pests. The investigation found that the emergence of the plants was also related to the hazards of underground pests (cockroaches and floorworms). It is recommended that they be baited with beancake poisoning baits when the ginger is sown. If there is still a danger after emergence, green insecticides such as green cool and earthy can be used to irrigate the roots, and the effect is good.

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