Eight hole can not be blocked

April 05, 2021

In the use and maintenance of the tractor, it is necessary to pay attention to the following holes can not be blocked, otherwise it will affect the life of the machine, and even lead to machine damage.
After the oil return hole of the injector is blocked, the needle valve fails to open, the oil supply is uneven, and the engine work is unstable.
After the airflow hole of the main valve of the thermostat is blocked, the gas in the water jacket of the body is not completely drained, and the water tank is not filled with water, which may easily cause the pan to open. Cold winter water can not enter the water tank, easy to freeze the tank.
After the pump drain hole is blocked, the water seal leakage will enter the water pump bearing shell, which will make the grease water, reduce the lubrication performance, and damage the water pump bearing.
The dust particles in the air filter cover are blocked after the dust outlet hole is blocked, easily blocking the lower filter, reducing the suction, reducing the power, and even the dust particles enter the combustion chamber, accelerating the wear of the valve, cylinder liner, and piston.
The clogging of the crankcase ventilation hole causes the oil sump of the oil pan to become thin and deteriorate, lowering the lubrication performance, and causing burnt oil to increase the oil consumption.
When the drain hole at the pump push rod and the push rod sleeve is blocked, the oil in the oil pool of the oil pump increases, thins, and overflows.
After the plug hole of the battery cover is blocked, the exhaust gas in the battery can not be discharged in time, thus damaging the battery.
Once the small hole in the lower part of the clutch casing is blocked, once the oil seal on the crankshaft leaks, the clutch stores oil, which will cause the clutch to slip.

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