Egg processing technology

February 13, 2020

First, the main raw materials eggs, lime, alkali, tea, hematoxylin. Sawdust (or rice husk) and so on.
Second, equipment appliances iron pot, wire.
Third, the production method according to every 250 to 270 eggs water 2.6-2.9 kilograms, first heated water, add the right amount of tea and hematoxylin (from seasoning color effect), cook until the water becomes red-brown According to the standard of adding 500 grams of alkali and 375 grams of salt to every 250 eggs, add the alkali and salt to the reddish water, and after the solution is completely dissolved, stop heating and remove the tea leaves and hematoxylin. Press every 250 eggs again. Lime with 3125 grams of standard added to the ash, with the addition of constant stirring, it completely dissolved and the liquid was a paste, when using a wooden stick to fish up in the solution, there is a strip of solution, and immediately break, indicating that lime The lean scheduling is more appropriate.
Use iron wire to make rings that are slightly smaller than the short diameter of the eggs. Stick the washed eggs one by one with the lime lye. Shake or shake it slightly to make the lime lye adhered to the surface of the eggs thick and even. Roll over the pile of sawdust to evenly drill a layer of sawn wood. No sawn wood can be replaced with rice hull.
Wash the large cylinder and let it dry. Saw the wood on the bottom. Put the egg with the sawdust to the cylinder and seal it for 7 days. Then it can be removed from the tank and dried immediately. It is the finished product. During sealing, the temperature in the room is preferably 16 °C to 25 °C. It should not exceed 32 °C, or less than 5 °C.
The inspection method of preserved egg maturity is: On the 6th day of sealing, the sample is opened and the egg is found to be a pale yellow, translucent solid, which indicates maturity. If the egg yolk is still a yellow liquid, it indicates that it is not mature yet, and it needs to be sealed for 1 to 2 days. If the middle of the egg yolk is an apricot nucleolar size black spot, indicating excessive maturity, to immediately dry. In the process of making preserved eggs, the concentration of lime liquor and the quality of lime are key. The method for verifying the quality and concentration of lime is to break an egg in a well-prepared lime lye; protein solidification in 1 to 2 minutes indicates that the lime is of reliable quality and concentration. If the solidification time is too long, it indicates that the concentration of lime lye is small or the quality of lime is not good; if the solidification time is too short, the concentration of lime lye is too large.
Fourth, the process of washing eggs → into the solution → remove → roll on the sawdust → into the tank → sealed for seven days → remove the drying → finished product.

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