Doing Well in Seedbed Management and Raising Seedlings of Rape

August 10, 2020

At present, during the period of sowing and raising seedlings for transplanting rapeseed, in order to cultivate strong seedlings and seize high yields of rapeseed, the following measures should be grasped in the management of nursery beds:

Watering. Seek watering before sowing. Usually, water once in the morning and evening each time to keep the soil moist and promote the emergence of early and neat. Avoid flood irrigation, to prevent soil compaction, poor ventilation, uneven emergence. After emergence, until the 2 leaf stage, if it continues to be a drought, it is still necessary to water and drought with a hydroponic fertilizer to ensure that the leaves will emerge quickly and the leaves will be strong. After the 3rd leaf stage, according to the field lyrics, a method of pouring water once every few days is used to ensure the water supply of the seedlings. After the 5th leaf stage, the water supply should be appropriately controlled to prevent the prolonged growth of the vegetables and to grow the dwarf seedlings. One evening before transplanting, the water was poured and water was poured. When the seedlings were planted, they were less likely to cause damage to the roots and carry more soil.

Miao seedlings, Dingmiao. Seedlings usually 2-3 times, the first time in the Qimiao, mainly in addition to plexus seedlings, so as not to produce curved root neck seedlings. The second time when the first true leaf is carried out, it is required that the leaf does not overlap, the seedling does not depend on the seedling, and the seedling is 3-5 cm away. When three true leaves are set, the distance between the seedlings should be about 10 cm. The principle of "five to five stay", that is, to stay weak and strong, to stay small to stay large, to stay pure, to stay sick, go to dense uniform. Combine with seedlings to remove weeds to prevent grass seedlings. The seedlings per acre left about 5-6 million seedlings, and about 90 shoots per square meter were appropriate.

top dressing. When there are 2-3 true leaves, if the leaf color changes from green to yellow and red, the growth is slow, and 3 kg of urea/mu will be immediately topdressed. Before the 3rd leaf stage, fill the diluted manure water according to the water conditions, adjust the fertilizer with water, and speed up the leaf output. Control of fertilizer and water in 5 true leaves, promote seedlings and old health, to achieve the requirements of transplanting strong seedlings. 5-6 days before transplanting to recover from body fat, 4-5 kg ​​of urea per acre.

Disease prevention and pest control. Rapeseed seedling pests mainly include aphids, cabbage caterpillars, cocoons, etc. They can be controlled by cypermethrin +40% dimethoate 1:2000. The pest must be ruled early and treated small, and strive to eradicate the pest in the early stages and parts of the plot.

Chemical control. In the 3-3.5 leaf stage of rape, 50 grams of 15% paclobutrazol or 5% of oxazole, sprayed 50 kilograms of water, which promoted the strong roots, increased leaves, short stems, and prevented leggy. After being transplanted to Honda, the mega-potassium seedlings that are treated with paclobutrazol can effectively prevent the phenomenon of rape early flowering and early flowering, which is conducive to high yield and stable yield.

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