Common sense of women's health: how to protect the health of private parts?

October 27, 2021

How should women's private health care? Many female friends questioned whether women's privacy is the healthiest for daily cleaning? Can it be cleaned daily? Many female friends believe that the private office is more healthy and clean every day. In fact, the best cleaning time in private places is 2-3 days, and washing the vagina every day threatens women's health.

Do not clean daily in private places

The female genitals are not as advertised: "Washing is healthier!" The female genitals have a special physiological anatomy. The genitals can prevent invading the vagina due to the closure of the labia and the size of the labia, and the vagina has a self-cleaning function. There are many kinds of bacteria in the vagina, of which lactic acid bacteria predominate, maintain the vaginal acidic environment, inhibit the growth of other pathogens, so that the vaginal flora balance and maintain vaginal hygiene. Daily vaginal irrigation will disturb the balance of the flora within the vagina, changes in pH, and conducive to the growth of pathogenic bacteria, resulting in the occurrence of vaginitis.

Poor hygiene is not the only cause of vaginitis. When people are under conditions of low immunity, diabetes, pregnancy, and large quantities of antibiotics, they are also prone to vulvitis and vaginitis. Public places such as baths, swimming pools and hot springs are also sources of pathogens. In addition, the health status of sexual partners cannot be ignored. Many sexual partners are also prone to sexually transmitted diseases.

2-3 days to clean the genitals

So how do you take care of women's genitals? Here are some suggestions for healthy women who have no genital discomfort.

1. Clean the vulva with cool or warm white water, once in 2-3 days. Do not wash your vagina every day. It is best to use running water for each cleaning, that is, the washed water can not be reused, you can buy a vaginal douche to spray water to the genitals. The order of cleaning is from front to back, that is, first the labia majora, then the vaginal opening, and then the anus. If you can take a bath once a day, wash the vulva as you bathe. No need to wash it.

2, sexual life, each time before sex, it is best to both clean the external genitalia. In addition to fixed sexual partners, when the other party has inflammation of the external genitalia, do not stay in the same room, or use condoms.

3. Menstrual napkins often change. Choose a breathable sanitary napkin. It's best not to wear padding and change underwear.

4, underwear underwear to choose cotton, to a single wash, the sun shines. When the athlete's foot athlete sleeps, fix the bedding order of the bedding, and do not put underpants on the feet.

5. In daily life, bedding should be frequently aired and the room should be ventilated.

6. Strengthen physical exercise and enhance physical fitness.

To sum up: According to scientific nursing methods, the vagina can not be washed every day. If you can use water every day, you can also wash the vulva with warm water, but remember to rinse the vulva with running water instead of the vagina.

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