Cherry tomatoes have a coup

April 07, 2021

Take the method of cross-convergence between plants and strains, that is, remove the plants from the ropes, remove the old leaves from the lower part, and gently twist the plants to the position of the same nearby plants and then hang them again. The falling vines must be in the same direction in an orderly manner and gradually coiled around the cultivating ridges. When winding the stem, it is necessary to bend the vine with the natural curvature of the stem. Do not forcibly bend or reversely bend, avoid cracking or breaking the stem. Every time the vines are kept, the leaves, stems and vines are kept 15 centimeters away from the ridge surface. Each plant maintains more than 20 functional leaves. It should be noted that the top of the front plant stems should not exceed the rear row to prevent shading. Ensure that the leaves are evenly distributed, always in the best position for the three-dimensional lighting and the best leaf area, and keep the leaf area coefficient at 3 to 4.

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