Can the wine come out with a sip of wine?

May 10, 2019

In the case of wines using cork stoppers, in addition to the risk of cork contamination (tca), it is not uncommon for cork bulges to protrude from the mouth of the bottle. What is the reason for this situation? Can the wine come out with a sip of wine?

Main reason: pressure imbalance

When the wine is being filled, there is a certain chance that the wine stopper will not be tight, causing the wine stopper to bulge. However, assuming that a bottle of wine is normal at the time of filling, that is to say, this is a bottle of qualified wine, the phenomenon of cork bulging after leaving the factory is generally caused by pressure imbalance.

Extreme temperature

Among them, the most common cause of uneven pressure causes the cork to bulge, which is an extreme temperature condition. During transportation and storage, wine requires relatively constant and mild temperature conditions. Extremely high or low temperatures may cause pressure changes in the bottle to cause the wine to swell out of the bottle.

For example, when the wine encounters ultra-low temperature, the water in the wine will condense into ice. During this process, the volume of the wine will increase, and the air in the bottle will be pushed out, causing the wine stopper to be pressed and raised; Under the high temperature pressure will also cause the wine stopper to bulge and leak.

2. Secondary fermentation

In another case, after some wines are bottled, some yeast remains in the wine, and secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle, producing alcohol and carbon dioxide (until the alcohol concentration is increased until the yeast is completely stopped). The pressure inside the large bottle, in this case the wine stopper will also be pushed out of the bottle by the pressure inside the bottle, causing the bulge.

Along with the secondary fermentation, there are a small amount of bubbles, which is one of the reasons why some still wines also contain traces of bubbles.

3. Excessive drying

In addition, during the storage and transportation process, the cork may cause the wine stopper to shrink due to excessive drying, and may cause the bulge of the wine stopper.

The poor quality of cork stoppers used in many cheap wines or improper handling during packaging can also cause the wine stopper to bulge, but this should be detected at the time of purchase. If your bottle of wine is not unusual at the time of purchase, the sudden discovery of the wine stopper on one day is most likely due to temperature changes in the storage environment.

Can wines with wine stoppers still drink?

Since the wine stopper is caused by high temperatures in most cases, we must understand what the dangers of high temperature are to wine:

First of all, the high temperature will make the tannins of the wine more prominent, and the taste of the wine will become more dry and more violent. The original soft and smooth wine will also become rough and difficult to enter.

Secondly, the fruity aroma in the wine is overshadowed by the unpleasant sourness.

That is to say, the high temperature will make the wine with rich fruit flavor and smooth taste become sour and astringent, and it is difficult to swallow. Cork bulging is one of the consequences of severe heat (the other consequence is leakage), so this often indicates that the bottle has been seriously damaged, but this does not mean that the wine will endanger human health. Just the taste and taste have changed.

In any case, this change will be very obvious, you can't taste it, so if you have doubts about the wine that is brewed, you only need to drink it to know that it is not suitable for drinking.

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