Artificial nursing of newborn cows

May 05, 2019

First, feed the flour in a timely manner The calf begins rumination 20 days after birth. At this time, it is necessary to add some fried cornmeal, fried millet noodles, fried bean noodles, etc. in the milk and begin to feed 250 grams per day, and then gradually increase to 500 per serving. g, feed 3 times a day, but also add some grass powder. Specific mixed method: the fried noodles and other water with a good rinse, mixed with 1 should be fed milk, stir, temperature measurement, according to the provisions of feeding, then the calf can only eat 89% full. Feed the calves for a period of time and digest them normally. Give some green fodder with leaves and let them exercise to graze.
Second, pay attention to feeding a clean calf shelter should be flat, dry, clean, bedding should be changed frequently, the manure should be promptly removed, milk should be used daily disinfection of boiled water; followed by the stadium and the feed house is strictly prohibited cloth, rope and other foreign objects , In order to prevent yak eating, so that the stomach dysfunction and death; yak will be thin or diarrhea, need to reduce the amount of milk feeding, severe feeding 1-2 times a day, can use sugar water or rice soup instead, or feed some stomach , Stop expectorants.
Third, to strengthen the care of weak baboons, such as thin and weak, early birth of small dairy cows, body temperature is too low, eat less milk or loss of appetite, should take the following nursing measures:
1. Immediately placed in a warm room, dry the coat with a dry cloth, cover the insulation quilts and feed the colostrum as soon as possible.
2. Intramuscular injection of 2.5 ml of vitamin D injection, and another injection every other day.
3. Intravenously, 250 ml of dextran, 250 ml of normal saline, and 0.5 g of vitamin C were mixed and slowly input.
4. Insufficiency of the above methods can be intravenously lost 100-500 ml of compound blood. Its composition consists of 100 ml of weak maternal blood, 150 ml of 10% glucose solution, and 100 ml of normal saline. Lose 1-3 times a week, you can lose 1-2 weeks.

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