Anti-Cucumber Disease New Measures in June

April 18, 2021

Cucumber blight is a fungal disease. It is usually overwintering in the soil or on sicknesses and bodies. The roots and leaves are soaked in the implants and transmitted through wind and rain or irrigation. It mainly damages leaves, stems and fruits. Diseased leaves with water-stained spots, dry and blue-white, and easily broken, or the leaves drooping; disease stems with dark green water stains at the base of the lesions, late lesions contracture, so that the upper stems and leaves withered; sick melons have dip Collapsing depression spots, easy to grow white rot, and rancid odor.


1. Rational rotation, timely prevention and cure of epidemic diseases, spraying 50% carbendazim WP and new high fat film on the soil, disinfecting the seed before sowing, and using 72.2% Preclo 800 The solution was primed by adding 800 times liquid of a new high-fat membrane soaked for half an hour.

2. Strengthen field management, improve plant resistance to diseases, apply reasonable fertilization (especially nitrogen fertilizer), improve light transmission intensity, drain trenches in time, reduce field temperature, and spray grass roots at the appropriate time to promote shoot growth in the growing season. To promote flower bud differentiation; spray bud gutting at flower bud stage, young fruit stage and fruit expansion stage to increase fruit pedicle, promote fruit development and improve cucumber quality.

3, chemical control, if found in the central disease should be promptly removed and brought out of the park burned, and immediately sprayed targeted drugs (such as 40% calcium aluminum phosphate wettable powder 400 times, 72% Kelu wettable powder 800 times liquid ) Conduct prevention and control, apply medication once every 7-10 days, and continuously prevent and cure 3-4 times, and cooperate with spraying new high-fat membrane to enhance efficacy.

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Silica Chromatography Media And Prep Columns

Silica Chromatography Media and Prep Columns

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