Anoectochilus planting method

September 24, 2021

First, the ecological habits of Anoectochilus:
(1) The suitable temperature for temperature growth is 20-32°C. Anoectochilus has a good adaptability to temperature. During the cultivation process, the temperature of 0-5°C for 30 days in a greenhouse covered no significant damage to Anoectochilus roxburghii. Daily temperature above 34 degrees for 15 days can easily cause leaf roll.
(2) Water Amaryllis is hi moist and moist. Moisture is the most important factor affecting the survival of Anoectochilus. It is impossible for Anoectochilus to survive in a dry climate and water shortage. Anoectochilus is naturally distributed in a humid forest environment and near some streams. Artificial cultivation should allow Anoectochilus in a small environment with relative humidity above 70%. You can often sprinkle water on the planting pots.
(3) Light Amorphophallus australis plants, the light saturation point of photosynthesis is low, suitable illumination is about 3000lux. 80% shade net + 80% shade net + 1 layer plastic film. Under natural conditions, the canopy density of upper trees is 70%-80%, and the coverage of lower vegetation is about 40%.
(4) soil soil requirements loose, breathable, moist. Under natural conditions, soils of the humus, yellow and red soil types all have A. roxburghii distribution. The clematis should take root in acidic soil conditions. High quality humus soil is recommended.
Second, the artificial cultivation techniques of Anoectochilus points The artificial cultivation of Anoectochilus is mainly used greenhouse cultivation. The construction of greenhouses should be based on the growth requirements of Anoectochilus, choose to have water in the ravine, in order to ensure a cool, water irrigation, winter shelter from heat, reduce heat, maintain humidity, and convenient transportation. Artificial tissue culture seedlings can be planted all year round. Each square is planted with a special square plate and planted with 300 trees. The plant should be properly bogey to avoid deep. After the planting, it should be covered with a clean and dry cultivation medium, sprayed with water, and the temperature inside the shed should be maintained at 20-30°C. The quality of field management is related to the survival rate, growth and yield of Anoectochilus, and should be focused on:
(1) The degree of light transmittance in the light shed is closely related to the growth and development. Sanyang and Qiyin are suitable for light transmission. In general cultivation, 80% shading mesh can be used to control about 3000 lx.
(2) The medium of A. roxburghii is also a medicinal plant, so it must be cultivated using clean and suitable cultivation medium. The proper medium must have good water retention in addition to good air permeability. The company's bottle seedlings are robust and can be planted by the bottle. During the colonization, the soil was mainly sandy loam in red soil and yellow soil as cultivation medium. The texture was loose and acidic, and it was suitable for planting of Anoectochilus. It is recommended to use peat and perlite.

(3) Humidity The higher humidity in the air will help grow and increase the fresh weight of the plant. However, the cultivation medium should not be too wet. Wetness can easily lead to stalk rot. Attention should be paid to ventilation and light transmission measures. Above 20 degrees requires good ventilation.

(4) Fertilize once in half a month. It is best to use farmyard liquid fertilizer or biogas liquid and dilute to 1000 times.

(5) The determination of the appropriate time for harvesting and harvesting is closely related to the length of cultivation time. At least 10 months must be appropriate for the harvesting (8 months after planting). When the height of A. chinensis is longer than 8-10cm, 5-6 leaves, fresh weight 4g/strain can be harvested.
Comments and suggestions:
As the production of Anoectochilus grows, the production and marketing methods should be diversified:
(1) Fresh product sales;
(2) dry goods sales;
(3) Fresh product dehydration, vacuum packaging, sales, etc. (This method is suitable for large-scale food stores, supermarkets, and exports for export).

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